Riki Yanase


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Riki to watch her simply because he’s the leader, and she begins to regret it when she gets a full does of Riki’s confidence and insults. The Black Foxes are trying to recover three paintings which are supposed to lead to the MC’s Grandfather’s masterpiece, which he wanted to leave to the MC. As she begins to understand the purpose of the Black Foxes, the MC begins to fall for Riki even though she knows that a future for them is impossible

What I think of him: Riki is arrogant, bossy, a little snobby. He’s very organized and meticulous in all areas of his life except when it comes to women. He’s a playboy but he never goes out with women seriously since he always knew he would marry someone his father chose for him; he outright says that he goes out with women to fulfill his lust. He has a younger sister who he practically raised, and so he’s good at taking care of people. He had a rough childhood but never show it, covering it up with arrogance. He’s been good at everything he tried ever since he was a child. He’s smart and never shy about how much more efficient he is than anyone else

Charm point: He becomes a spoiled bocchan when drunk

Quote: “When I look at you, it just reminds me how dirty of a person I am.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, because he’s going to teach her how it’s done

Would have eloped with:

  • Takuto, because he is totally into the MC, he tries to support her and Riki, and he is much nicer than Riki
  • Tatsuro, because it was his job to watch out for the MC

Favorite moments:

  • Riki admitting that the MC is a good girl
  • The MC proving useful on her first mission
  • The MC comforting Ibuki
  • The night alone in the cabin on the mountain
  • The MC comforting Riki during Ibuki’s surgery. I just really like Ibuki in general
  • The MC managing to walk in on Riki naked and later in the route Takuto
  • Riki and Takuto’s bro moment in the bathroom
  • The cosmetic party
  • The MC’s grandpa’s treasure and its backstory

Worst moments:

  • The MC should really have turned down Mitsuru

Worth the price of admission?: I still don’t understand why the MC fell for Riki, and most of his route is difficult for me. I do like the route more towards the end, but Riki’s route could have been so much more, so it’s a little disappointing

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Riki’s father is arrest on suspicion of corruption, and Riki moves Ibuki into Le Renard Noir away from the prying eyes of the media. The MC splits her time in this epilogue between Riki and Ibuki, but I think that it’s pretty fun and cute. There is sequel baiting at the end unfortunately, but the rest of the epilogue makes up for it

Notable substories:

  • What If… Riki: The Black Foxes go undercover at a hospital to retrieve a stolen medical paper. Riki as a doctor and the MC as a nurse. What more do I need to say
  • A Host Spring Trip: The MC “wins” a trip to a hot spring for her and the Black Foxes, and decides she’s going to share a room with Riki. Riki makes plenty of sexy threats, but ends up spending most of his time corralling the other guys, which is funny. And at the end Riki delivers on his promise
  • A Chocolate Kiss: Atsumu moved Riki’s chocolate into the fridge so the MC narrowly avoids punishment, but then Takuto and Hiro egg Riki into a game of capture the MC’s chocolates. The MC is awesome in this one, being both crafty and showing the authority she can exert over the Black Foxes. It’s cute
  • Thief vs. Bodyguard: When the Black Foxes’s new mission involves stealing a key from the Prime Minister, of course they run up against his bodyguards. Riki and Subaru meet face-to-face, and it’s pretty much what you’d hope for

Recommended routes:


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