Butler Until Midnight


Company: Voltage

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: The MC is moving from Kyushu to Tokyo to begin her dream job at the magazine, First Lady, and fortunately enough she seems to find the perfect place to live. But on moving day, her clothes get splashed and a butler whisks her away to the Ichijou mansion where she is waited on hand and foot by the five handsome Ichijou butlersWhen she finally makes it to her apartment later that day she is surprised to find the butlers in her new home. It turns out that the father she only kept in contact with through letters is actually Kazuma Ichijou, the President of Ichijou Group, one of the most prestigious companies in Japan. The butlers have been sent to train her into a lady for her coming out ceremony next month. The MC is then given a choice of which butler will personally serve and train her

MC: The MC is a “country girl” as Yuma so frequently describes her, meaning that she is maybe a below most people in the refinement area. She is naive, trusting, and optimistic, although she is quick to learn the limits of reality. She can be unthinking at times, and if she isn’t reminded of why the butlers are serving her, she might take advantage of their service. She only knows her father through letters since she was told that he was the captain of a ship, but despite this she still loves him. She was raised by her unmarried mother, and after the death of her mother, the MC lived with her maternal grandmother before eventually moving to Tokyo to follow her dream of working for the fashion magazine, First Lady. She is a very hard worker when she has the drive for her work but does subpar work when she doesn’t give it her all


  • Aoi Shirafuji: A sweet and kind butler, who has a gentler hand with the MC. At times the MC glances a cold and cruel expression on his face
  • Itsuki Matsuba: The youngest son of an old and respected butler family and the younger brother of Tomoki. He is informal and playful, but a genius butler who exceeds his elder brother in butler abilities
  • Kyo Aizawa: A quiet, serious butler who doesn’t talk more than required to. He is a talented cook
  • Tomoki Matsuba: The first son of an old and respected butler family and the elder brother of Itsuki. He is strict, very blunt, and a stickler for schedules
  • Yuma Akagi: The head butler, who is world renowned as the best butler. He is loyal and both charming and terribly sarcastic

Impressions: Story-wise this game is sort of like My Sweet Bodyguard but with less action and more etiquette lessons. In many ways, this game shows off how far Voltage has come since the MSB days; the improved mechanics, GUI, looks, the videos, and -my favorite- the voiced stories.

The guys aren’t extremely diverse, although most people will probably find someone to fit the types they like, unless you like all around nice guys, because in that you are SOL. Unfortunately all the guys seem to have a fair deal of meanness in them, which I hate since the nice guys seem to becoming more and more rare. The game’s poster boy, Yuma, is basically the same as the other recent poster boys (Kyohei, Leo, Ayato, etc) and he doesn’t have much of a twist to his character beyond being a butler. Aoi, in contrast, is a good twist as the second-in-command character (Iori, Scorpio, Misono) since he’s mostly really nice instead of icy. Then there’s two quiet types: Tomoki (quiet/strict) and Kyo, which is an interesting decision. And of course there’s a younger, flirty guy: Itsuki.

An interesting thing that I’ve noticed in the routes release thus far is that there is a prevalent theme of family in all the routes. This includes issues the MC has about her family (the father she never met and the beloved mother who passed away), as well as issues that her love interests have about their families or family figures. Family issues have been the most interesting aspects of the routes so far.

Another thing that each route seems to suffer from is excessive dramatics. Yuma’s route is especially guilty of this and things in his route really go out there. Maybe it is something to be expected because of what this game is and what otome games are in general, but I couldn’t help but get hung up on it since the drama is so in your face.

This is not Voltage’s game by far, but I don’t think it’s a bad game, it’s actually pretty okay in my opinion. If you want to be a secret heiress (by not really) and wish to be strictly taught by a hot butler glaring down his nose at you, here’s where you’ll get exactly that

Favorite Guy: Aoi

Favorite Route: Aoi

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