Hyosuke Kujo


Plot Summary: Shortly after Hyosuke begins working at the MC’s museum, the Renard Noir is raided by the military. The MC manages to escape, but is separated from the other Black Foxes. And who should come to her aid at that moment but Hyosuke. Somehow Hyosuke seems to know exactly who the MC is and what her connection is to the Black Foxes, but no matter how much time the MC spends with Hyosuke, she isn’t every able to get closer to knowing the real him

What I think of him: Hyosuke is devilish. He can act innocent and sweet, but he usually has some mischief or another planned. He really enjoys teasing people, and is probably more than a little bit of an S. It is hard at times to tell whether he is being truthful or if he’s teasing. Even though he acts friendly Hyosuke doesn’t really let people get too close to him, and he describes himself as having a hole in his heart. The only exception to this is his brother, who he is really close to. He is both very athletic and also intelligent with a lot of experience because of his work in the security field. Even though he’s the same age as the MC, he feels like a younger guy

Charm point: He loves his cat, but his cat doesn’t love him back

Quote: “I’ll never stop kissing you, if that’s what you want…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, because when things get going he gets aggressive

Would have eloped with:

  • Takuto, because he’s so adorably tsundere and competitive with Hyosuke

Favorite moments:

  • Hyosuke getting jealous that his cat warms up to the MC
  • Hyosuke and the MC’s not-really-a-date
  • Hyosuke rescuing the MC from the underground river
  • Hyosuke getting aggressive in the Happy Ending
  • Takuto’s competitiveness towards Hyosuke

Worst moments:

  • The plan to not tell Hyosuke and Taiga that the Black Foxes are going to sneak into the Kujo’s basement to check out the bad guys who are snooping around is stupid. Atsumu says it’s so the Kujos won’t think the Black Foxes are coming to steal, but at that point they would know the Black Foxes are on their side
  • Hyosuke getting close to the MC, then backing off because of reasons, but pretty soon after that overcoming his reasons

Worth the price of admission?: Hyosuke is probably not the easiest to understand but in general I enjoyed his route. This probably isn’t the best route in the game, but I feel it does the game justice

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC doesn’t feel like she and Hyosuke are getting closer and also feels like their relationship is unbalanced with Hyosuke holding all the power. It’s a pretty meh epilogue, but at least Hyosuke wasn’t messing with the MC and his embarrassed sprite was cute

Notable substories:

  • Valentine Mission – FBI Agents and Kujo Brothers: The MC and Hyosuke easily manage to get his chocolates from their accidental recipient, Taiga, but as their date progresses the MC notices that Hyosuke is acting a little strange, and is that Taiga following them? Taiga and Hyosuke’s relationship is adorable and it’s nice finding one of Hyosuke’s weak points (although it all ends with Hyosuke on the attack again)

Recommended routes:


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