Genji Higashiyama


Plot Summary: The MC divorces Koichi and moves back in with her parents. She decides to focus on her job and she get assigned to a project for a client who requests her by name. The client is Genji, Japan’s beloved soccer star and the MC’s high school boyfriend who left her after graduation to play soccer in Italy. Genji has made all of his dreams come true and the MC is divorced after her husband cheated on her not even three months into their marriage. He is the person she least wants to see, but Genji isn’t going to let her be this time around

What I think of him: Genji is confident, bossy, and self-centered. He always thinks he’s right and knows what’s right for everyone. He tends to carry out his plans almost immediately after conceiving them. He always loved soccer and always intended to go pro, and he is also pretty single-minded. He hates to show his weak side and tends to makes his consideration with gruffness; he’s rough and a little clumsy that way. Genji is boisterous and energetic, he gives off a refreshing feel, although those who are close to him don’t really see him that way. He is extremely dependable and if he says he’ll do something he’ll do it, but sometimes he’ll act outright spoiled around the MC. Genji is pretty demanding, and even though he is considerate of others, he doesn’t really consider their thoughts. It’s not that he’s trying to be inconsiderate, it’s just that Genji really seems to have trouble seeing things from another person’s point-of-view

Nickname: Japan’s Guardian Angel

Charm point: He tries hard but has terrible tastes in gifts

Quote: “Isn’t it obvious I came here to steal away the woman I love by force?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, to remind her that her feelings never died

Would have eloped with:

  • Aiba, because he is crushing so hard on the MC and tries to do things for her

Favorite moments:

  • That the MC doesn’t take any of Genji’s crap in the early route
  • The midnight trip to Hanamatsu to get the furniture
  • Shopping, especially Genji’s blush
  • When the MC turn’s Genji’s words back on him in order to kick him out of his dark place
  • The MC bossing Genji around, and Genji meekly obeying
  • The vist to the high school and the flashback to when Genji first asked the MC out

Worst moments:

  • It is really difficult to understand Genji’s actions without reading the substory from his point-of-view. In fact, I found some of his actions very unlikable

Worth the price of admission?: I do enjoy this route and think that Genji is one of Voltage’s more iconic personalities, but, again, I do think this is one that doesn’t stand well on its own and needs to be read with his point-of-view

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Genji’s returning to Italy for a game and he wants the MC to go with him, but she can’t because of a new rush job. But that very same job soon sends her off to Italy. This epilogue is a good bridge to the sequel as it emphasizes the importance of Italy. Genji is still very much himself, but you can see him trying to meet the MC halfway, and at the same time you can see the MC doing her best to give her all for both Genji and the work she loves. When you read the sequel everything fits and you get a sense of “oh, I see where you were going”, but at the same time the epilogue can stand on it’s own and doesn’t fall into sequel baiting
  • Sequel: A year after she and Genji got together and they are both making strides towards their dreams. The MC was picked as the team leader of an important, multi-industry event, and Genji got his place on the team for the world cup. But the MC has a dream replaying her and Genji’s high school farewell with both of them as adult and things begin to fall apart. And then Genji gets an offer for a spot on an Italian team and asks the MC to go with him. This sequel is nice as it has both Genji and the MC doing a lot of growing, and I think Genji proves how much he loves the MC. If you end up getting the sequel, be sure to read both endings because the Happy End is adorable too; the difference between the endings is sort of like the difference between the Dramatic and Romantic Endings in Scandal in the Spotlight.
  • Wedding Vows: A year after Genji’s proposal and the MC and Genji are chasing their dreams. It’s been a little lonely, but then Genji is invited to be on the national team and returns to Japan a year earlier than planned. The MC is shocked again when Genji announces his intent to retire from playing to coach and marry her. I’m a little conflicted about this route. I really like Genji, although he does a little bit of backsliding, but the MC is less likable. The character selection page for this route says “Am I standing in the way of his dream?”, but honestly the route feels more like the MC sees Genji as being in the way of her dream. Genji gives a speech about how he needs more field experience, but it still feels like the MC and the fans forced him to keep playing because of what they wanted rather than Genji wanting to keep playing. There’s also the fact that Genji did try to consult her about his decision but she let the subject die without giving a response. Everything gets fixed up in the end, but I always have a bitter tastes in my mouth when I think about the MC in this particular route. Also,e sure to read both endings because I honestly like the Happy Ending better than the Super Happy Ending

Notable substories:

  • His PoV: The main route from Genji’s point-of-view. I’m always in support of buying the his PoV routes, but I think it’s especially important for Genji since he exposes so little of his soft side in the main route. I think getting to know why he’s acting the way he is changes him for a guy on my slightly-dislike list to my good guy list. Also, I just like the PoV routes for In Your Arms Tonight in general since you have the option to show a sprite for the MC and the end continues past the end of the main route; they tend to have a good amount of new content/scenes in this game. One thing you need to be careful of though is that you actually have to choose the correct answers to get the best ending and if you don’t get it there’s no way to just read the best ending like you would in a main route
  • For My Future Wife: This is the sequel route from Genji’s PoV. They took away the MC sprite, but all the other great His PoV qualities are there. Again it is nice to see what exactly Genji was thinking throughout the route and how much his choices were affecting him as well as the MC
  • Baby Trouble?!: The MC is showing signs that she might be pregnant and she’s worried about what Genji will think. I don’t usually find fake pregnancy substories worth recommending, but Genji teaching a bunch of little kids to play soccer is too cute
  • A Day with Genji & Soji: This has two mini routes, one with high school MC and Genji going on a date and the other about grown-up Genji and MC doing all the things they couldn’t could while in high school. Their relationship in high school is one of the best aspects of this pairing so I thought this substory was adorable
  • A Night with Kippei & Genji: After meeting Genji and Kippei at the usual bar, the MC gets to spend a rare night with the man she loves. First off there’s Kippei and Genji competing for the MC, which is nice, and the subsequent date is cute as well
  • 1st Summer with Him: Genji and the MC (and two of her friends) take a trip to Okinawa, where they run into Soji. The MC is trying to figure out why there’s tension between the two brothers, but while on a walk with Genji, the two of them get stuck on a deserted island. I’m glad the Genji/Soji conflict got addressed and I liked seeing Genji’s manly survival skills
  • The Next Step – Cherry Blossoms: Ginnosuke invites the MC, her friends, her design group, and Genji to a flower viewing party. At first Genji is a jerk, but towards the end there is much silliness, Genji gets drunk, and it is just great

Recommended routes:


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