Sota Yamamoto


Plot Summary: One morning the MC receives a confession at the train station on the way to school. The one confessing to her is a scary looking student from an all-boys high school. The MC’s friend pull her away thinking that Sota is intimidating her, and when they find out about the confession they encourage the MC to turn him down since he looks like bad news. But the MC can’t help but notice Sota and his kindness of the train, and she after thinking it over she decides to give Sota a chance and go out with him

What I think of him: Sota looks intimidating and is very quiet.  He is a very generous and kind guy who can’t stand by when someone needs help. He’s very passionate about motocross and seriously intends to pursue the sport professionally; he is also a lover of military history. He’s very shy even though he doesn’t really care about the opinions of the public. Sota is very honest and upfront but can also be competitive and a little oblivious. He seems like a loner but he cares deeply for those who decide to be at his side

Nickname: None

Charm point: He blushes very easily

Quote: “She is the one thing… I can’t let go…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, behind him on his bike or with him behind while watching videos

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The first date. So awkward and yet so adorable
  • The date at Sota’s house
  • Taking Sota’s good-luck photo
  • Yas is rough around the edges but such a great friend
  • Taking shelter in the beach house
  • The MC giving Sota a massage

Worst moments:

  • The MC says that she can’t stand when people judge others from their appearance, but she stood by for a week as her friends did just that

Worth the price of admission?: What Sota’s route becomes is pretty predictable considering what type of character he is, but I actually don’t mind it since his relationship with the MC is fairly new and the route doesn’t really dwell on the issue much (unlike a certain other, similar character). I really did enjoy this route though since Sota had a good balance of boldness and adorable shyness, and the MC also tried to have a good balance of inexperience and boldness. If you like quiet types and shoujo manga then this is a good buy

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Sota and the MC go on a date to an amusement park. The MC is having a blast, but it doesn’t seem like Sota is having as much fun. This was a cute epilogue, and not only do you get to see what part of a woman’s body is attractive to Sota, but you also get to see one of his weak points
  • Sequel: The MC and Sota’s six month anniversary is coming up, but to the MC’s disappointment Sota doesn’t seems to remember it. When the MC is home alone for the weekend and a stranger banging on her door, the MC and Sota must decide if they will stay together at her place or go over to his. This sequel was pretty cute, and although I enjoyed both sides of the route split going to His Place is my favorite by a little bit. There is plenty of the Sota being cute and the MC getting a taste of the newlywed life. Although there is a little tension from the forgotten anniversary and the MC’s brother’s ex-girlfriend, this is mostly an enjoyable fluff piece

Notable substories:

  • Wish Upon a Star: Sota takes the MC camping so they can get a better look at the star. Sota is very comfortable doing outdoorsy things, but the MC is very unfamiliar with it. Sota’s point-of-view chapter makes this story. It is super sweet and also funny. If you like Sota definitely check this one out
  • Before I Asked You Out: Just before his bold confession, Sota reminiscences about how he came to like the MC. This is very cute, because Sota is pretty much always cute
  • Love 101: The MC, Sota, and almost everyone else is off to study camp in the mountains. The MC is happy to see Sota getting along with the guys from her school, but then he begins asking a little strange. It is so much fun getting to see Sota interacting with the other guys. Plus when the conversation gets derailed in the boys’ room so much hilarity ensues

Recommended routes:


Yuya Abe


Plot Summary: The popular senior Yuya seems to be making contact with the MC frequently lately, and eventually he calls her up to the roof and asks if she would like to hang out on the weekend. Even after they walk home together and go on a date, Yuya doesn’t say anything to confirm whether they’re in a relationship, and the MC is confused as to why or even if Yuya wants her as his girlfriend

What I think of him: Yuya is a cool senpai, and the most wanted man in school. He has a surprising stubborn streak and likes to be contrary at times. He is passionate about surfing, to the point that he says that if you take that away there would be nothing left of him. He also cares deeply for his family, and is especially appreciative of everything his parents have done for him in supporting his surfing. He is very experienced when it comes to women, and the MC frequently feels the one year of difference in their ages. But Yuya can be surprisingly childish at times too, and at times he seems at a lost what to do about his overwhelming feelings about the MC

Nickname: None

Charm point: It is pretty easy to get him embarrassed while the MC is around

Quote: “The reason I was able to keep going for so long… is because of you… Because of you, I was able to take care of everything important. So that’s why… I want to make sure to take care of you, too, from now on.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, while in the water

Would have eloped with: None of the other guys even appear after the prologue

Favorite moments:

  • The passionate way Yuya talks about surfing
  • The MC and Yuya’s first date. It just feels so first date-y
  • How the MC’s friends watch out for her
  • George is an awesome role model and is full of good advice
  • Yuya’s reason for initially liking the MC
  • The girls critiquing sweets
  • Yuya and the MC cooking together

Worst moments:

  • Maki is a little too annoying in her first couple of scenes
  • Yuya is so sure of his feeling about the MC that I’m surprised that Misaki’s reappearance “threw” him

Worth the price of admission?: Yuya is basically Yamato Kurosawa from Say “I Love You”/Suki-tte ii na yo, he looks and act similar, and has a similar vibe. This story is pretty cute, except for a few moments when it feels like Yuya’s personality changes too dramatically. There isn’t much of an overall plot, and much like a manga the story just moves from one subplot to another with the subplots having very little to do with each other. It felt really noticeable in this route, just because the subplots were so dramatic and shoujo manga, but just observing the MC’s first love is the theme and trend of the game. Still if Yuya (or Yamato) is your type of guy, you’ll enjoy this

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Yuya is teaching the MC to surf, but she happens to catch him staring at a pretty girl and becomes aware that she has gained a little weight while trying on wetsuites. Yuya’s putting the MC through the ringer with his teasing in this one, and the MC gets him to fall in love with her all over again. If you like Yuya then you’ll really enjoy this Epilogue because both characters are at their best
  • Sequel: The MC and Yuya aren’t able to spend much time together because he is busy studying for his college entrance exams. However their six month anniversary is coming up, and Yuya may not be able to attend his last high school festival because of cram school. The MC must choose between asking Yuya to attend the festival with her, or remaining the supportive girlfriend and putting his studies first. I really enjoyed this sequel and the answers are pretty easy since the major splits hinge on one question each. The Be Supportive Path and the Be Selfish Path both have their own little issues, but I enjoyed them both, but the Be Selfish Path is slightly more my favorite

Notable substories:

  • Wish Upon a Star: With Yuya safely in college, he and the MC make plans to go stargazing. Then George invites them to go boating with him and his girlfriend instead. Some of this is boring, but the MC learns a good lesson about saying things, and things get pretty cute later on. Plus Yuya is adorable in his point-of-view chapter
  • Before I Asked You Out: A story from Yuya’s point-of-view about how he came to like the MC and his thoughts prior to asking her out. I loved seeing the incident that caused Yuya to fall for the MC, and Yuya is really adorable in this one because he freaks out about everything relating to the MC. Plus there is a scene where Yuya is taking to Takumi because he’s trying to get information on the MC and it was exactly what I wanted after learning that they knew each other from middle school
  • Love 101: Everyone is headed up into the mountains for a study camp. The MC is excited to be in the same English class as Yuya, but her confidence is threatened by strict lessons and the native English-speaking teacher. Yuya really has a support role in this since this story is more about the MC’s development. It wasn’t super romantic, but I enjoyed seeing the MC grow in confidence

Recommended routes:



Plot Summary: The MC is the fiance of the King of Niflheim, Jean. Jean is very fun to be with, but Jean loves everyone equally. When the king of a neighboring kingdom, Leo, takes an interest in the MC, she learns that Jean intends for her to be part of his harem. The MC slowly comes to realize that she wants to be a special existence to Jean, but even as she tells Jean this, their relationship beings to stir unrest in several directions

What I think of him: Jean is cheerful, happy, and more than a little frivolous. Even though he seems like a complete airhead, he is the one who loves Niflheim the most, especially the lady residents. He created Niflheim but originally he was alone, and this seems to have scarred him. Jean might be rash and a loud mouth, but he is also very sensitive. He goes through life with a sense of childlike wonder even though he is capable of terrible (but also wonderful) things

Nickname: King of Destruction

Charm point: His exuberant adoration of the MC

Quote: “From the fingers on your hands to the hair on your head, all the way to your heart… you’re all mine… And in return, I’m all yours, too.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go out with on an adventure

Would have eloped with:

  • Orlando, because he’s basically Jean’s mom

Favorite moments:

  • The MC telling Jean that wants to marry someone that she’s special to, and then later telling him that she won’t marry him unless she loves him
  • Jean teaching the MC things like sword fighting
  • the MC helping out on the front lines
  • Everyone giving the MC and Jean wedding presents

Worst moments:

  • Leo’s end motivation was way too stupid, even for Leo and Jean’s level of idiocy

Worth the price of admission?: Jean might not be entirely likable in the other routes, but I found him to be a very interesting character in his own route. He is very childish, but proves willing to grow-up in the most important areas. Additionally, he’s not all happiness and sunshine, there’s a core of pain and fear in him too. Some parts of the plot are silly and whatever, but overall this was one of the routes I enjoyed most in this game

Notable substories:

  • Truffles and Troubles: This mini-story is about Jean giving the MC a present to celebrate a special anniversary. It’s cute to see how much Jean treasures the MC, and how she is learning to handle him

Recommended routes:

Kaiji Akizuki


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Kaiji as her bodyguard and finds herself a target of a hit man called Marvelous Mariko. In some ways Kaiji is the same guy that the MC knew as a child, but as he continues to protect her, the MC becomes more and more aware that Kaiji is very much an adult

What I think of him: Kaiji is a jock and is an Olympic hopeful for judo. He works out a lot in his free time and is confident in his physical abilities. He is also a little brash with a mouth that is a little too free. Unexpectedly he is also pretty smart, although he doesn’t really show it. He manages to still act a little childishly when with the MC, his childhood friend and first crush. He especially likes to tease her. He’s pretty straightforward and dislikes the political maneuvering that goes on in the police force. He takes pride in his work (and in his judo) and wants to give it his all. He spends a lot of time complaining about his elder sisters (the three witches as he calls them), but he really loves them

Nickname: Meanie, Butler Kaiji

Charm point: He proposed to the MC when they were little

Quote: “It’s still me job to worry about you. I’ll always look after you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, the first one was lame, but they get better

Would have eloped with:

  • Ishigami, because he’s a grinch but his inner softy shows a little
  • Subaru, because he has a soft spot for strong women

Favorite moments:

  • Kaiji getting jealous of everyone admiring the MC in her fancy clothes
  • The MC defending the bodyguards against Ishigami
  • The ferris wheel ride, the rescue, and the confession

Worst moments:

  • The sisters are slightly too annoying, although I did enjoy them at times

Worth the price of admission?: Kaiji is a pretty standard example of Voltage’s childhood friend type. The assassination attempts are good for exciting moments but the whole plot behind it remains unimportant and in the background, which is fine in this case. Kaiji and the MC encouraging each other to grow is nice, but I never felt like there was any danger that they wouldn’t. The only down side about this route is that it sort of feels like very little happened

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Kaiji’s final tournament to qualify for the Olympics is coming up and afterwards Kaiji and the MC plan to spend the weekend together. Unfortunately whether they will manage to be alone is another question. It’s a cute epilogue and I was feeling the love, but I am also getting the feeling that this paring is a little bit of a joke since they keep getting interrupted and it’s played for laughs
  • Sequel: Kaiji tells the MC that he has something to say to her if he wins his next judo tournament. But just when he s about to speak, the new group targeting the MC causes their car to crash. As a result Kaiji has lost all of his older memories, including those of his childhood with the MC. Adding to the MC’s insecurity, Katsuragi pulls in a female bodyguard from another squad who seems close to Kaiji. This was a pretty good sequel, Kaiji was adorable for him and it was a nice twist that he forgot their old memories rather than the recent past

Notable substories:

  • Chocolate Rush: Valentine’s Day is coming up and Kaiji has taken the afternoon off to go on a date with the MC. The two of them decide to go to a theme park and they end up participating in a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. It’s nice to see Kaiji and the MC get some uninterrupted time together, and his desire for homemade chocolate over fancy store bought chocolates is great
  • Go Go SP Rangers!: The Bodyguards and Ishigami’s squad are asked to throw a Ranger Show to promote public safety and then the MC and Kousugi get involved. It’s just as funny as it sounds and is really appropriate for Kaiji as you see if you choose to go off with him in the end
  • Sport Day: The Bodyguards are taking part in the annual police force sports day and the MC goes along to cheer for them. However she ends up being pulled into being Kaiji’s partner for the three-legged race. This was cute and realistic considering the MC’s fitness level compared to members of the police force. From all the proposal talk this story clearly sits between the Epilogue and Sequel, but the conversation about the MC’s future points more clearly to some of the stories after these two

Recommended routes:

Rose Cinderella – WALKTHROUGH –

These are the answers I used to get the Happy Endings for each route on the iOS version of the game.

rose cinderella

Gilbert Blood

  • “N-no, I’d rather not.”
  • “You didn’t have to be quiet so harsh…”
  • “I don’t hate them- I just can’t get used to it.”
  • “I’ll go with Gilbert.”
  • “I’m not going home. I’m staying right here with you.”
  • “I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on that.”
  • “You don’t even feel anything for me”

Alex Altavick 

Alex’s walkthrough is delicate, and one wrong pick will send you spiraling into the Normal End. I’ll try to fix that eventually, but I had to replay his route  20 times just to get this and I just don’t want to see his smug face for a while.

  • May I have time to consider?
  • “It’s impossible – I’m going home right now.”
  • About our impending marriage.
  • I’m not very good at riding.
  • I’m not going home over such minutiae
  • I can’t believe this. He’s kissing other women!
  • There is nothing left for me to say to you, my lord.

Edward Satake

  • “Because he’s the only family I have.”
  • “Thank you, it’s such a relief.”
  • “I’m most comfortable when you’re by my side.”
  • “Oh no, I should turn the invitation down personally.”
  • “Fufu, just wait and see.”
  • “I’m sorry. I’ll remember to tell you next time.”
  • “Of course, we should leave the manor.”