Arsene Lupin


Plot Summary: Cardia returns to Wales and discovers a clue hidden in her house. She and Lupin make plans to investigate Issac’s plan “Code: Realize”, but when they return to London they find the steel city ablaze

What I think of him: Lupin is proud, cocky, and cunning. He believes himself to be undefeatable, and doesn’t count Holmes’s antics as being beaten. He is normally collected and a bit of a dandy, but Holmes brings out the street-rat in him. The skill he values most is being able to escape from any situation and he teaches Cardia all about the importance of running away. He doesn’t believe in harming others and to that end he doesn’t carry any weapons at all, only tools to allow his escape. He has a firm idea of what a gentleman thief is supposed to be like and he strictly sticks to his ideas

Charm point: He considers Cardia a princess

Quote: “My precious lady I will always appear when you are in danger. If you, o precious gem, are faced with countless dangers, I will be there to steal you away over and over again. For your heart belongs to me alone.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Touch, to feel the warmth that he promised when he first stole her

Would have eloped with:

Favorite moments:

  • Lupin teasing Cardia when she gets flustered in the sewers, and Cardia teasing him back
  • Kiss on the hat CG is so daaaaw
  • Love Lupin confession, except… (point three in worst moments)
  • Van Helsing and Delly’s interaction while everyone is preparing for attack on the Cathedral
  • All the conversations before the attack on the Nautilus
  • Lupin calling Issac “Father”, and giving him a “gift” for taking Cardia
  • Damn it Finis…
  • Cardia being touched while falling
  • Weddings TTuTT
  • It’s always nice to see how everything locks together in the unlockable route

Worst moments:

  • Cardia feels weaker in this route. She paniks and forgets everything that the guys taught her. I would normally forgive this, but she was able to maintain a level head in the other routes, so no free pass this time.
  • Finis is able to confuse Cardia too easily, especially since Lupin spent so long giving her pep talks
  • … Lupin plays the pronoun game so Cardia can be hurt and jealous over the girl Lupin loves
  • Abrupt and strang eshift into third person during Cardia’s POV in the last chapter
  • I really, really don’t care about Issac’s backstory. This game keeps trying to make me care about the antagonists, but it’s not working
  • … So why did Sholmes have to be in here besides the name drop (it would be another thing entirely if he had a secret route)

Recommended routes:


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