Impey Barbicane


Plot Summary: Impey’s route focuses on Impey and the MC trying to find out information from her father’s protege, Nemo.

What I think of him: Impey is loud, energetic, and cheerful. He is confident in his ability to do pretty much anything, but Van says that his only worth is cooking and mechanics. He seems very unreliable, especially since he’s always causing explosions, but when it counts he is always dependable. Impey is constantly the butt of jokes from the other guys, but he takes it with good nature. He is a very positive and optimistic person. Although Impey has experienced a lot of hardship in the past, he hasn’t let that drag him into the darkness of revenge. The magic of mechanics inspired and thrilled him as a child and that along with a mentor inspired his dream to go to the moon. He believes that the purpose of science is to give people happiness and dreams

Charm point: He didn’t fall for Cardia at first sight, but he knew he was going to fall in love with her when he first saw her

Quote: “If you can’t believe in yourself, there’s no need to force yourself too… Instead, just believe me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, during that short window when Cardia’s poison was weakened

Would have eloped with:

  • Lupin, because he really pulled through when needed and manages to meet all of Impey’s crazy requests

Favorite moments:

  • The time Impey and Cardia spend together working on the airship
  • Free falling
  • Impey telling everyone that he and Cardia are together and their reaction
  • When Impey and Cardia go out and talk about his past, and he reassures her about her existence
  • How Cardia tries to protect Impey, even after learning that Impey can kick butt himself
  • I don’t know if I’m just getting better at predicting the answers but I had an easier time finding the terribly beautiful sad endings in this route (Cardia making the airship retreat from the Nautilus and Cardia deciding to look for the escape pod are my two favorite sad endings)
  • It’s nice that Impey’s flirtatiousness toward Cardia doesn’t change even when they are together
  • I like what Victor, Lupin, Van, and Delly end up doing after things are over in the happy end
  • The Extra Scenario is both fun with how Impey tries to get Sisi to like him and then we also get a sexy CG later

Worst moments:

  • This route really skimps on the other characters after the joint chapters
  • Cardia’s poison is still not resolved
  • Cardia backing off and telling Impey that she only said she loved him because it was a life or death situation (they try to play is as funny, but I didn’t think it was and I felt bad for Impey)

Recommended routes:


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