Victor Frankenstein


Plot Summary: Victor’s route focuses on preventing a plot to the poisonous Zicterium in terrorist attacks in order to start a world war

What I think of him: Victor is scholarly and kind. He is gentle and even though he can use chemicals to lethal effects, he never does. He is easily pressured and Saint-Germain says that he would sit still on a couch for six hours if Sisi was napping on him. As a Royal Alchemist he is one of the top alchemists in the country and promised Cardia that he would cure her poison. He seems to know thing, but frequently bites back his words. He is haunted by his past, and because of certain events he can probably relate the best with the guilt that Cardia feels

Charm point: Even though he is normally calm, once he becomes aware of Cardia, he flusters easily

Quote: “I’m not looking for redemption. I’m not seeking forgiveness, either. But, still… Seeing you under the weight of the same pain, I want to save you more than ever.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, with a poison that will save Cardia’s life

Would have eloped with:

  • Impey, because he is Cardia’s genius mechanic in a steel Ornithopter

Favorite moments:

  • When Victor gets flustered
  • I really like how Victor’s backstory mirrors Cardia’s in a specific way
  • How Cardia throws herself wholeheartedly into love once she knows what she knows she’s feeling
  • It’s adorable how Cardia and Victor support each other and are calm when the other is worked up
  • Cardia is great in this route and she really puts her new-found skills to work
  • The extra story about Victor and Cardia gardening

Worst moments:

  • Victor keeps withholding information from Cardia and chooses the worst times to spill. I especially hate it when he and Victoria are both telling Cardia things that VIctor knew for a while already
  • I wouldn’t have missed that last scene from Victoria’s POV. I wasn’t going to sympathize with her at that point so I basically skimmed that scene
  • VIctor’s route seems fairly disconnected from the joint route

Recommended routes:


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