Abraham Van Helsing


Plot Summary: Van’s route revolves around London falling into chaos due to the plot of a mysterious person called Azoth

What I think of him: Van comes across as cold and merciless. He is super strong and very much deserves his title as the human weapon. He tends to fight first and ask questions later, but he uses a variety of different bullets in order not to kill his opponents. He is known for being instrumental in ending the Vampire War and was even knighted for his service, but he is haunted by his actions and turned away from everything he earned for his service (although he is not above using his reputation). His only goal is to get revenge and then die to make up for his sins. Impey says that Van is “surprisingly pure”

Charm point: He’s a foodie and thinks he’s good at cooking, but he isn’t

Quote: “Thank you… for coming after me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Train together because both Van and Cardia seem into that

Would have eloped with:

  • Impey, because he is so happy for Cardia, but also so jealous (his words)
  • Saint-Germain, because he is so mysterious and so kick-ass
  • (Victor, because I kept wishing I was back on his route since Van is into the whole “stay away from me” thing)

Favorite moments:

  • Cardia says she wants to purse a career as a martial artist
  • Saint-Germain launching Van out of the canon
  • Cardia’s determination to follow her own decisions is great
  • When Van finally breaks down and tells Cardia that all he wants is to keep her safe
  • Love Delly in this route
  • Van being a tease in the extra story (also everyone freaking out about his cooking)
  • Best Finis

Worst moments:

  • Van always trying to leave Cardia and everyone else behind (so frustrating)
  • I knew what was happening so 1) the plot twist was ineffective, and 2) I kept thinking that Van was an idiot the whole time
  • Cardia’s poison issue doesn’t get resolved

Recommended routes:


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