Plot Summary: The MC tells Rupert and Alfred that she doesn’t belong to either of them and is made to work as the personal maid of Daniel, a long term guest of the hotel. The MC soon learns that both she and Daniel share the goal of finding the rose guardian, although Daniel is doing so because he was asked to save the dying roses of the hotel. But his goal is not the only secret that Daniel is keeping

What I think of him: Daniel is a somewhat mysterious guest (sometimes he wears his hood as he wanders around the hallways) and has been staying at the hotel for a while by the time the MC arrives. He is a kind man and frequently goes out of is way to help others, but tends to keep his distance from people, especially when the full moon nears. He can be awkward when dealing with others. He is very knowledgeable, but has a terrible sense of direction. The only time he doesn’t get lost is when he’s heading towards the kitchen. His only close friend is Jack, the chef, and a part of that might possibly be because Daniel has a bottomless pit of a stomach, and Jack is more than happy to try to fill it with delicious food. Even though he presents a calm and kind face he is also very strong and perhaps not always the most peaceful

Charm point: Daniel is very careful about not hurting the MC

Quote: “No matter if you’re human or a vampire, my feelings for you won’t change.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, because he’s got fluffy parts that are asking to be pet

Would have eloped with:

  • Jack, because his bromance with Daniel was cute and he is just so cheerful and energetic (which is a nice change of pace from Daniel who doesn’t emote much and is very calm)

Favorite moments:

  • That Daniel gives secret for secret
  • Daniel and Jack’s relationship is cute, and getting to see how they met was awesome
  • The MC going out to save Bridget and that Daniel backs off after hearing her voice
  • The MC’s reaction to meeting Rosapast

Worst moments:

  • Alfred was annoying me with all his “will you love me?” stuff. It’s magic, it will know that she’s lying but he just keeps asking. I know he’s desperate to save Rosapast, but he should try to find another method than one that obviously won’t work
  • Rupert was a bit of a creeper in the library
  • The Serenade Ending was meh

Worth the price of admission?: Daniel’s interesting and his route has some interesting moments, but something ultimately felt lacking. Maybe it was that this route felt very chill compared to the other three routes released thus far. There were story points that were super interesting but where never explored

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Nope

Notable substories: Nothing yet

Recommended routes:


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