Ryohei Kimura


Plot Summary: Thanks to Kimura, the 2nd Unit has been able to close several cases. After the 2nd Unit guys set the MC and Kimura up on a surprise date, the ice between them is broken. Soon the MC becomes curious about Kimura and what she sometimes sees hiding in his expression. Then, just as the 2nd unit starts on a case about a murdered celebrity gossip journalist, the MC accidentally discovers the identity Kimura’s been hiding

What I think of him: Kimura is kind but also standoffish. He keeps to himself and doesn’t talk much about himself, but is always willing to help when someone asks him. He doesn’t get invested in people, but doesn’t go out of his way to avoid others either. He is very hardworking and thinks of his work in forensics as his calling; he can frequently be found working after hours and not charging overtime. Kimura is very calm and although he laughs a lot around the 2nd Unit, he doesn’t get angry much. He is really stuck in his head, and it takes a lot to move him to action. He dislikes himself, and the way he lives is in some ways trying to punish himself

Charm point: He’s a lot more free with his emotions around the MC, even before they start having feelings for each other

Quote: “I can’t lose anyone else I care about. So… I want you to stay with me… forever.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have him comfort the MC, with his gaze or with an embrace

Would have eloped with:

  • Tennoji, because he does so much to get the MC and Kimura together. He’s the best partner (in this route)

Favorite moments:

  • The 2nd Unit guys setting the MC and Kimura up on a date, especially Asano’s “answering machine”
  • The first time the MC sees Kimura without his glasses, and how completely floored she is by how good looking he is
  • When the MC tells Kimura “don’t be hurt”. so cute~
  • Spending the night on the island. The MC really understands Kimura and I thought the calm way she handled the situation was great
  • I adore how the 2nd Unit rallies around the MC when she’s accused
  • Kimura standing up for the MC and the subsequent scene in the park
  • How the MC agonizes over wanting to be with Kimura and wanting to respect his desire for space

Worst moments:

  • Kuromine and the 1st Unit guys could have been a little nicer. I should have felt sorry for Kuromine, and exasperated/pity for the 1st Unit guys, but their actions turned me off so much that I hated them all
  • Kimura is supposed to be super good looking and that shows in his CGs but not in his sprite (even without the glasses). He looks more like a side character than a main character
  • The endings are too similar

Worth the price of admission?: I found the route interesting and the story was good. It wasn’t enough to overtake Kirisawa, but I do like this route more than Yachigusa’s and Asano’s routes

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Kimura go on their first official date, but when they meet up with Kuromine, Kimura’s friend get them involved in a little detective work. The MC and Kimura are adorable together and it’s nice how comfortable they are joking around. If you like Kimura, this epilogue is a lot more lighthearted than the main route and it was nice to see the MC and Ryohei interacting while off-duty
  • Sequel: Even though they’ve been dating for a while, neither Kimura nor the MC have managed to spend a lot of time together between their jobs. When the MC gets assigned to help out the 1st Unit on a case she also happens to get the chance to work with Kimura again. It’s a tough having to deal with the 1st Unit’s incompetence, but the MC is glad to have Kimura’s support as the case turns out to be bigger than she expected. This route focuses mostly on the investigation, but the MC’s competence, her relationship with Kimura, and Tennoji’s bro-ness is all excellent

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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