Ayumu Shinonome


Plot Summary: MS1 – Shinonome reveals that the MC was accepted into the Public Safety Academy fraudulently and forces her to be his gofer in order to keep him quiet and allow her to her stay. The MC does her best to keep up in her classes, but it isn’t going well, and she even fails her first mission because she was distracted by trying to catch a purse snatcher (who she failed to catch). When she happens to meet one of the purse snatching victims the MC decides that she is going to catch the purse snatcher and begins to conduct her own secret investigation into the matter

MS2 –  The purse snatcher pled guilty to all of the thefts except for the one that the MC was initially involved in and Shinonome changes his testimony so the purse snatcher cannot be held accountable for that incident. The MC is determined to find out why Shinonome changed his testimony. But Shinonome is a wily one, and getting the information won’t be easy. And Kaga seems to be asking the MC strange questions regarding Shinonome

What I think of him: Shinonome seems like a nice guy to others (Naruko calls him a “secret sadist”), but the MC has always seen his sadistic side. He only shows his true smile to his childhood friend, Sachi. Shinonome is very intelligent, the youngest of the instructors, and his specialty is hacking. He’s Kaga’s underling, which suites him as Kaga’s team is more free and individualistic than Ishigami’s team, but he’s partners-in-crime with Kurosawa. Shinonome is very childish and he tends to be a bully. He frequently goes too far and is only apologetic some of the times, but in general his heart seems to be in the right place (he’s nice over a layer of mean with a gooey center of nice)

Charm point: He doesn’t like to share his toys

Quote: “You’re really stupid. I found a new love a long time ago.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, in all sorts of situations, but always when the MC is least expecting it

Would have eloped with:

  • Kaga, because by the end of MS2 he’s “affectionately” picking on the MC

Favorite moments:

  • Training camp
  • Shinonome sticking up for the MC when her fraudulent entry into the academy is revealed
  • The dinosaur exhibit date is uber cute (OMG the last CG)
  • The third Secret Story from MS1
  • When Shinonome figures out that the MC actually has a useful talent
  • The Shinonome Observation Diary
  • I like how the MC first tries to deny that she likes Shinonome, but when she accepts it she becomes super practical about it
  • The first Secret Story of MS2

Worst moments:

  • It’s hard getting into this route at first, the MC isn’t as engaging (compare to the MC in Ishigami’s route) and Ayumu also doesn’t give the reader much to hold on to either
  • The staying over at Kaga’s place is confusing if you don’t get the second Secret Story
  • The MC and Shinonome’s relationship moved slowly and almost felt tacked on (or at least them having mutual feelings did). I saw the MC’s progression of feelings, but it kinda felt that one day Shinonome just changed his mind about the MC

Worth the price of admission?: I honestly don’t know. I like Shinonome most of the time and the MC gets awesome by MS2, but the routes mostly left me feeling indifferent. One of the problems may have been that the romance felt lacking (although the MC did a good job in agonizing over Sachi). I felt either that the MC and Shinonome shouldn’t be together, or that their relationship wouldn’t last very long

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: It’s been a couple of months since the MC and Shinonome started going out, and despite daily attempts the MC hasn’t been able to get Shinonome to say he loves her. Then, when they finally have a chance to go on a date, Shinonome springs an invitation to Sachi’s wedding on the MC. There are plenty of funny moments in this epilogue, and Shinonome being sick is one of the cutest things ever. But still I was left with the feeling that the relationship between the MC and Shinonome was lacking and wasn’t entirely real. But if you enjoyed the main route, the epilogue will feel worth it

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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