Hideki Ishigami (Her Love in the Force)

ishigami hlitf

Plot Summary: MS1 – The MC fails her first mission with Ishigami but is trying to keep her chin up and keep pace with the classes. Given her less than stellar performance, the MC is surprised when Ishigami chooses her as his aide. Her world comes crashing down when Ishigami reveals that she was admitted to the academy fraudulently and tells her to withdraw. But after a pep talk from Goto and Soma, the MC decides that she isn’t going to give up her dream, and her will power causes Ishigami to give her a chance

MS2 – The MC realizes she’s in love with Ishigami. She does her best not to to let her feelings affect her work or show. But when Ishigami realizes that she might have feelings for him, he immediately puts distance between them, and shortly afterwards the MC is switched to being Goto’s aide

What I think of him: Ishigami is cool and serious. He is an intellectual with a cutting tongue. He has frequently been accused of being a cyborg. Although he seems like the kind of guy who would always follow orders, he is known by the high ups as a guy who will do things his own way when it suits him. He especially can’t look away when injustice is in front of him even though he is more than capable of playing the higher up’s political games. He really cares for his subordinates, and although he is strict with them, he is even more so with himself

Charm point: He has a soft spot for hard workers (and pudding)

Quote: “I feel like I’m more human again thanks to you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Study together, aiming for a score that will earn praise

Would have eloped with:

  • Goto, because always has a word for the MC when she needs it most (and when Ishigami is being uncooperative)

Favorite moments:

  • The MC is really great in this route. She is optimistic, motivated, and her willpower is amazing (she pretty much overwhelms Ishigami with her willpower). She improves so much and I’m confident that she will make a great Public Safety Division officer
  • All the scenes with Kurosawa or Chiba really just make me so happy (they would have been in the eloped section if they were date-able)
  • Aquarium visit
  • Ishigami blushing after catching the MC when she trips
  • The first Secret Story in MS2
  • The MC teaming up with the Bodyguards

Worst moments:

  • I feel so bad for Chiba and wish they backed off his character a bit or at least gave him his own route
  • It takes too long after the cruise incident for the MC and Ishigami to reunite

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, I love Ishigami and the MC is really great in this route. It’s almost worth playing purely for the MC

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Ishigami are having a hard time getting some time alone so they decide to head over to Enoshima for the weekend. This was a really cute follow up. Ishigami and the MC did a lot of things on their date and it all felt very them, plus their was some teasing from the other other instructors and Kurosawa. Bonus points for a sexy Ishigami CG at the end

Notable substories: Haven’t played any

Recommended routes:


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