Plot Summary: The MC asks to stay with Captain Morgan, who also happens to be the Pirate King, hoping to convince him to drop her off back home. Her attempts to persuade him are unsuccessful, but she slowly becomes a part of the Sirius crew. Even though she spends a lot of her time around the booze loving Pirate King, she can’t get a handle on him. Sometimes she can’t help but think that there is something lurking beneath his carefree attitude. And although he and everyone else warns her not to fall for him, as conflicts between pirates and the navy peak, it might already be too late for her to stop

What I think of him: Captain Morgan is boisterous and confident. He’s an alcoholic (he’s Captain Morgan and he likes booze, get it?) and a huge womanizer, but he doesn’t really enjoy sleeping around and is always kind to women. He feels for anyone suffering misfortune and always tries to help people out. Being true to the crew is one of his rules. He’s secretly lonely because he can’t afford to let anyone really know him

Charm point: He’d give up women and booze for the MC

Quote: “When I first saw your eyes, you captured me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be carried away, because he seems to have a thing for holding the MC

Would have eloped with:

  • Alan, because he’s so silly
  • Nathan, because he supports the MC and thinks he missed his chance

Favorite moments:

  • In the beginning whenever she thinks Morgan is good, he does something that makes her wish she could go home
  • The MC deciding that she’s not going to give away the Sirius crew
  • Morgan thinking the MC is going to commit suicide and promising to give up booze and women
  • The MC forcing Morgan to keep his promise and how the other guys react to it
  • All the times that Morgan says things that mislead the crew as to the nature of his relationship with the MC
  • Morgan’s backstory
  • The scene when the MC confronts Morgan after finding him
  • Morgan tricking Alan (Alan is so easy lol)

Worst moments:

  • Why does anyone trust (and continue to trust) Cecil?
  • Stupid “don’t fall for me” moments

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, the game mechanics are old and a little clunky but if you want to play one pirate route, the Pirate King is the way to go

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: As the Sirius heads to a secret island that only Morgan knows about, the MC worries that Captain Morgan doesn’t really see her as a woman. It’s a pretty typical idea for an epilogue, but the way the MC goes about reassuring herself is pretty fun, and of course in the end Morgan stops holding himself back 😉
  • Sequel: Cecil reports a rumor that the Sirius crew going around wrecking ports and pillaging wantonly. Morgan directs the crew to catch the impostors to clear their name, but on the trail of the impostors Morgan meets with a man who recognizes him as the older brother of the real Morgan. It was an okay story and while the scenes between Morgan and the MC were nice, the best part was when the Sirius crew doted on the MC because Morgan made a stupid boy decision
  • Second Sequel: After being disbanded for two years (something about a curse, I don’t really know), the Sirius crew is finally all back together. The MC patiently waited in Yamoto for Captain Morgan to return for her and she’s rewarded by Morgan proposing to her. While the MC and Morgan are alone on their pre-wedding trip they run into a female pirate who’s husband, Morgan’s old friend and mentor, was recently killed. I really love this route, it’s much better than the first sequel. The journey to collect the pieces of the MC’s wedding attire is great and interesting and the guys are as lively as ever. I think the MC dealing with the possibility of Morgan being killed is something that needed to happen, especially since he’s the Pirate King, but the action, while good, definitely isn’t where this route shines. My absolutely favorite scene was the MC and Morgan talking on the night before the wedding; I really got a sense of how much the MC loved and understood Morgan, and I think Morgan knew as well

Notable substories: Haven’t played any

Recommended routes:


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