Azusa Kuze


Plot Summary: The MC gets to the academy and immediately gets lost. After running to several unhelpful guys, she meets Azusa, a charming foreign student, who helps her find the girls’ dorm and they turn out to be buddies. As Azusa and the MC spend their days together, they get closer. As their relationship drifts into a romance. the MC begins to see flashes of something dark beneath his gentle smile. Then someone begins to use forbidden dark magic around the school, and it looks like Azusa is the prime suspect

What I think of him: Azusa appears gentle and kind. His princely demeanor and exotic good looks have made him popular among the female students; although he doesn’t play them much mind. He is a very thoughtful, calculating person, and he is even able to be critical about the political policies of his home country. He came to Gedonelune after meeting Randy in his home country of Hinomoto, and he can only use the magic of his home country. Azusa loves his brother more than anyone else in the world. It might even be appropriate to say that Tsukasa is the only other individual that Azusa even views as a person, and he distrusts the words of others. Underneath everything, Azusa is actually a pretty cold, rude guy with a sharp tongue that is quick with a sarcastic comment

Charm point: His sexy hair and sarcastic comments (what can I say, Azusa’s just the right sort of harsh for me by the end)

Quote: “As long as we’re thinking of each other, I’ll be able to find you. I will come back to you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down:

Would have eloped with:

  • Yukiya, because he can tell that something is wrong with the MC and is relieved when she return to normal
  • Elias, because he’s so tsundere
  • Klaus, because he’s harsh at first but you can really tell how he softens towards the MC

Favorite moments:

  • I like the fact that you can actually get Azusa to kill the MC depending on what choices you make for her and that this is actually significant later on
  • How the MC decides that she’s going to save Azusa and then sort of overwhelms him with her personality (the MC is pretty awesome for almost the entirety of this route)
  • Tour through the alternate dimensions
  • When the MC breaks Azusa’s curse on her
  • The MC using light magic to defeat the Nue (it’s a little Princess Serenity scene from the Sailor Moon R movie but I love it)
  • When Azusa decides to face the consequences of his actions and refuses to run away
  • Randy and Klaus’s arguments (their conversations in the trailers are funny too)
  • The flash forward at the end of the Happy Ending (I was squeeing so much from the CG)
  • On a more meta note, I really like how the themes of this route mirror those of Randy’s route. I find these sorts of things fascinating

Worst moments:

  • Most of the Happy Ending was boring and forgettable, the Normal Ending felt much more true to reality

Worth the price of admission?: If you want a nice guy, you should stay far away from Azusa’s route. He is abusive and I would hate him if he was a real guy. But I like my fictional guys bordering on psychopathic so I really enjoyed this route. It helps that the MC really sticks up for herself (most of the time)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes: 


9 thoughts on “Azusa Kuze

  1. I discovered this guy was abusive, and I decided I didn’t want to play his route… That’s what I get for picking a character just for his name.


  2. Reblogged this on doramapolis and commented:
    Um, I am maso and his abuse looked mild to me. MC just had to push the wrong buttons to tick him off when I would certainly not have done that (but her pushing his buttons eventually changed him for the better). I equally love Happy and Normal Ending, I see the logic behind both so I don’t see how one of them is more realistic than the other. If he was a real guy I would definitely stick with him, I analysed his character and story route, refuted all the stupid assumptions made by anti-Azusa fans who are motivated by negative emotions and irrational thinking. At one point he choked MC, I had been choked before and my reaction was feeling high. Azusa held back so she did not die from it because she was still useful to him. Yes, he killed her at certain points of the story but only after MC made a wrong choice. I wouldn’t even see myself making those choices and my beliefs are pretty similar to Azusa’s so if he were real we’d get along better I guess. I am a mixture between Liz Hart and Azusa Kuze in terms of personality. MC and Randy (and me too) saw that Azusa’s not a bad person deep down and the story route itself told us so. I judged his reactions from Day 1-13 and also the event stories afterwards. He’s actually better than the average bf or even husband. The vast majority of bfs and even husbands would rather save their own skins than risk their lives for their partners. Despite being cool as cucumber Azusa showed genuine concern for MC towards the end of the main story. People have so many misconceptions about Azusa, MC and their relationships that I would need to post more than a dozen screenshots to prove my points. I’ve been doing it on Tumblr and it really wears me out.


  3. I think he’s trying to compensate for what he did to her before. She was shown to be at her happiest in some of his events, like she couldn’t stop giggling and repeatedly thought/said that she’s happy.


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