Shingo Kai


Plot Summary: The New Business Department’s first project is to launch their companies first lingerie line. Shingo is the lead of the project and the MC, as the only woman, is picked as the vice-lead. Shingo is very quiet and removed from the rest of the department and the MC is doing her best to get to know him better. Then it seems that someone is trying to leak information about their secret project, and Shingo, who was headhunted from a rival company, is under suspicion from the higher-ups

What I think of him: Shingo is cool and rarely shows emotions. He’s an intellectual and doesn’t really speak unless he has thought his words through. He is new to the company and was headhunted from a rival. He is especially good at mental math and remembering facts that include math. He’s not very sociable, but is very capable of putting on a nice face. He tries very hard to keep his work and private lives separate. For not trusting other people, he is very considerate of others. He likes mildly sweet things and surprisingly likes cars, especially fast cars

Charm point: His smile is adorable

Quote: “I feel good here. I feel good because you’re here.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, because it’s comforting

Would have eloped with:

  • Goda, because he supports the MC and obviously has a crush on her

Favorite moments:

  • Shingo and the MC going to a lingerie store together for market research (both times)
  • Shingo explaining that he’s not a cyborg
  • When the MC and the guys (minus Shingo) go out for drinks and they tease her about what kind of guy she likes
  • Shingo escorting the MC home
  • Shingo admitting that the MC changed him
  • The band-aid argument
  • Driving dates (both of them)
  • How everyone rallies around Shingo when he’s forced to switch departments and how they all go to pick him up

Worst moments:

  • I don’t really think the part with Shingo’s former co-worker was really necessary. It didn’t really do anything past its cliches
  • I think the MC affected Shingo way too easily considering how untrusting he claims to be

Worth the price of admission?: Shingo might look like a strict, sadistic type (a la Ishigami or Kyoichi) but he is actually just quite and sweet. If that sounds good to you and you don’t mind a more laid back, uneventful story, Shingo’s route might be a good fit

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC is so in love with Shingo that she can’t stop thinking about him and it’s affecting her work. She decides she needs to get her act together and do everything she can in order to keep her and Shingo’s relationship a secret. I don’t particularly care for this epilogue. Shingo is still cute and the guys are cool, but the MC swings too extreme. She has one particularly annoying part where she repeatedly thinks about how much she loooves Shingo while she’s in a meeting. She does such a good job of getting her act together in the main route that it’s such a shame to see how much she backslides

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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