Plot Summary: The MC decides to be watched over by Sion, who was the man she saw preforming the assassination in the alley. Sion offers to allow the MC to work at his family’s famous store, Iseya, in exchange for giving her a place to stay, and the MC jumps at the opportunity. As she keeps busy working at Iseya with Sion, the MC can’t help but be drawn to Sion and wonders about the the dark look she sometimes sees in his eyes. But just as she’s settling into her new life, progress is made in the investigation of her parents’ killer, Lord Tori.

What I think of him: Sion is the second son of the the famous store, Iseya, and his family is also established as informants in the underground world. He seems fickle and unreliable. He does as he pleases, which usually displeases his father. Sion accepts that he will never be able to live up to his father’s expectations, but he does still love his family. He is gentle and constantly smiles, even during his executions, but at times he gets a dark or lonely look in his eyes. He is very good at controlling the moods of others and can calm excited people down or frighten others into obedience. He was born into a wealthy family and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “thrifty”; he usually treats the others when they are out and has gone home many a time with way too many impulse purchases. Even though Sion seems cheerful and lighthearted he actually doesn’t like himself

Charm point: He can’t stop himself from showing affection for the MC

Quote: “You really put me in a fix when you say such cute things, you know.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, all the time, everywhere

Would have eloped with:

  • Soji, because he is both supportive and also adorably dense

Favorite moments:

  • Sion arguing with Ichika
  • Sion waking up Aoi and then Aoi doing the MC’s hair
  • I love Sion’s father. He’s such a great character, I wish he had a sprite as well
  • The MC’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue
  • In the Sweet Ending: Sion’s warning to the others, Sion’s speech to his father, and sexy-times
  • In the Happy Ending: how the MC sports Sion through his insecurity

Worst moments:

  • The the story shifts into Sion’s POV, the narrator is really heavy handed

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, I adore Sion and he is my favorite guy from this game

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories:

  • Summer Retreat: This is about a day off that the MC and Sion share together during the summer. I find this substory really relaxing and cute.
  • Good Morning Smooch: Now that the weather is cooling, the cold is going around Edo. Sion does his best to keep the MC from falling ill and gets sick himself. This is an adorable substory with Sion being very energetic and attentive to the MC. There’s even a short section from Sion’s POV which is “awww” worthy
  • Shall We Dream Date?: Hotaka finds a woman’s coat in Sion’s closet prompting Sion to tell the story of how a kindness from a stranger helped him after his brother’s death. I like hearing about Sion’s past and the reveal was cute
  • Ninja Playing Ninja?! Act 2: Hotaka needs help at his theater, and he asks the vigilantes to fill in as actors for a play about ninja. Sion volunteers to take on the difficult role of the protagonist and requests that the MC act as the protagonist’s lover. This was an interesting substory, and I liked seeing how everyone did as actors (like Aoi having fun as the maniacal villain or Soji being unexpectedly charismatic)
  • What if Love Goes Wrong: The MC tries to tell Sion how being with him makes her feel and shortly afterwards awakens locked in a cell. Sion has imprisoned her and expresses his desire to see all of the negative emotions he hasn’t seen from her. This is the yandere substory, which is perfect for Sion because, like Wakasa, Sion definitely has yandere tendencies even in his actual route. I wish I had managed to get the second part of this, but I didn’t TT-TT
  • Come Home to Me: The MC is injuries protecting Hotaka, and the event affects Sion deeply. I feel like if the MC continues being part of the vigilantes something like this was bound to happen. Sion especially needed a story like this because he is deeply scarred by the death of his brother. Overall, this substory could have been way better, but it’s still a good read
  • Unexpected Side of Him: Sion is usually a spendthrift, but one afternoon the MC finds a worn belt on his desk. Figuring that it must be important to him she takes it to repair it, and later she hears about the belt’s significance. Again, I love hearing about Sion’s past so this one is great for that reason. Plus, normally Sion really plays to his materialism, but this one shows that he cherishes memories too
  • He Popped the Question: When his father collapses from exhaustion, Sion officially proposes to the MC and suggests they move up their wedding plans. It’s wonderful to see otoge couples get married and, my love for Sion aside, it was great to see how all of the vigilantes had a part in the wedding preparations

Recommended routes:


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