Rose Cinderella

rose cinderella

Game is no longer available

Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free, or Pay for unlimited energy

Synopsis: The MC works at a bakery in the slums in order to help support the orphan she grew up in. Once day the bulter Edwards finds her and tells her that he has been searching for her and that she is the granddaughter of the Earl of Montfells. After three months of learning etiquette and how to be a lady at Rose Manor, it is finally the night of the MC’s debutante ball. At the party she meets Alex, the son of a Duke, and Gilbert, an American capitalist. The MC believes in happiness and love, but the desire for those things may conflict directly with her new found status

MC: She is used to poverty and working hard so the decadent lifestyle of the upper crust astonishes her and makes her uncomfortable. She frequently thinks of how the orphanage is doing and about the disparity between the rich and the poor. She frequently wishes that she had more to do than attend social events, which she actually dislikes. She doesn’t really get along with anyone of her new found social class because she doesn’t think like them, sees them as mostly superficial, and they are frequently unwilling to forget that she was raised in the slums.She is considered to be both unique and naive. She is too obedient towards her grandfather, but that’s because she always wished to have family


  • Alex Atlavick: The son and heir of a Duke who is friends with the MC’s grandfather. He is popular amongst the ladies and is known to spread his love. He lives his life as a noble to the fullest and doesn’t see the purpose of love in marriage. A sleazeball
  • Edward Satake: The Montfell butler. The perfect butler who is always there to provide for the MC and to do her bidding. He has been tutoring the MC in everything she needs to know to be a lady
  • Gilbert Blood: An upstart American capitalist. He started and runs his own, successful, shipping company. He is good at making money but is not always the most ethical in how he goes about it. He despises the aristocracy and is keep his reason for being in London quiet

Impressions: The plot of this game is fairly predictable, and the route summaries in the game disclose more information than they maybe should. The interesting part are the characters. The MC is nice in that she doesn’t adjust to society and she wishes to work. Although she tries to do her grandfather proud, she isn’t above bringing up the fact she recently lived in the slums. All the men find her genuineness attractive, which speaks more towards the unfavorable view this game holds of aristocracy. This game feels like it owes a lot to trashy historical romance novels, which is the sort of flavor you should expect.

This game is more mature and get pretty graphic (so far as mobile otoge go) if you’ve played some of the best endings on some of the Solmare games or even the smuttier Koyonplete games, you’ll know what to expect in the penultimate chapter (right before it breaks off into the endings). Also, heads up, Alex rapes the MC in his route, and it’s not even the Bad End

HERE’s a link to my walkthrough for this game

Favorite Guy: Gilbert

Favorite Route: Gilbert

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