Edward Satake


Plot Summary: The day after the MC’s debutante ball her grandfather comes to visit her with Gilbert and Alex and tow. The MC is told that both young men have asked for her hand and that she must choose one of them as her fiance. The MC, not expecting that she would have to get married so soon, gets her grandfather to agree to give her a little time to know both suitors, both of whom seem more interested in getting the better of the other than getting with her. The strictures and unpleasantness of being an aristocrat begin to depress the MC. Edward, the MC’s butler, is the only one who seems to care about the MC. Even though she has to choose a nobleman to marry, the MC can’t help but develop feelings for Edward

What I think of him: Edward is a perfect butler, and is not only ready with whatever the MC desires, but also carries out her will. He has a calm and gentle demeanor which soothes the MC. He is the only character who actually seems to care about the MC and does his best to cheer her up and make up her own mind. He also has perfect manners, but will stand firm when it comes to his mistress. He has a negative outlook on the aristocracy, although no where near as extreme as Gilbert. He believes more in acting like a gentleman rather than birth dictating gentlemanlyness. His thoughts are probably closest to the MC’s as he is also an orphan who grew up in the slums

Charm point: The MC is his utmost priority

Quote: “My lady… I have never loved anyone, needed anyone more in my life.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, when reunited

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • It is really evident that Edward cares about the MC as a person and he questions why she is so obedient to her grandfather
  • Edward defending the MC from Alex at the orphanage
  • Edward coming to get the MC when she is locked up
  • Edward calls Alex a”weed of a man” (if you hate Alex you will like this route since he gets whats coming to him)
  • Edward shutting down Alex in the Happy End

Worst moments:

  • When the MC is like “what can I do, this is what Grandfather wishes”. I really wanted to sock her. And then she was like “why must I suffer” and I though, you deserve to
  • That Gilbert disappears right after having his date rejected
  • That the MC decided just to believe that Edward would save her. She could have believed and done something
  • The MC seems to lack the fire she had in the other routes, maybe it’s because Edward is just a nicer guy than the other two, but she could have used a little more spirit (especially in regards to her grandfather)

Worth the price of admission?: It’s a good route and finally Alex got what he deserved. I think it is worth a free playthrough

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories: None

Recommended routes:


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