Alex Altavick


Plot Summary: The day after her debutante ball the MC’s grandfather and Alex come over. Her grandfather tells her that she is now engaged to Alex and that the two of them will be married in six months. The MC is unnerved to find herself engaged to a stranger but decides to try to get to know her fiance. But what she discovers is that Alex sees his and the MC’s engagement as a strategic maneuver and doesn’t intent to break off his affairs after their marriage. The MC is disturbed by Alex’s plans but his occasional show of gentleness towards her gives her hope that maybe there is still a chance for love to bloom

What I think of him: Alex is a product of his social status. He basically thinks he’s one of the most important people in the world and sees using those who are “beneath” him as his right. He doesn’t believe in love and sees it as a burden on nobles. His speech is very flowery and that along with his “extraordinarily good looks” (I personally find that his sprite looks childish) makes him popular with women. He seems to have a policy of never turning women down and is conducting multiple affairs and isn’t discrete about it either; to be fair, the women he’s with seem okay with this as they’ve decided on a “Alex is everyone’s” mentality. He has no plans on breaking off his affairs after marrying the MC, and tells her she must accept it and constantly reminds her that no woman ever turns him down. He seems somewhat aware that he’s a tainted person and the MC makes him even more aware of that

Charm point: His blushing sprite is cute, but the effect is ruined when he begins speaking again. Honestly, I didn’t find anything charming about Alex

Quote: ” A flower is always the most beautiful before it blooms. And it shall open at my behest..”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Leave and walk away

Would have eloped with: (anyone)

  • Edward, because there is one point where it is obvious that he likes the MC, he disapproves of Alex’s conduct, and he is always at the MC’s side

Favorite moments:

  • I liked that most of the correct answers are to sass Alex or to just leave
  • When Alex is like “what will you do if I cancel our engagement?” and the MC responds with “go ahead and do it” and then tells her grandfather to call the engagement off
  • That the grandfather actually lets the MC call off the engagement (although to be fair, she basically forced him)
  • The Bad End is pretty great. (SPOILERS) Even though they get married, the MC hates Alex and basically does as she pleases. She tells her grandfather, Alex, and a full ballroom that there’s no way she’s going to give Alex a baby and tells Alex to knock up one of his hoes or divorce her if he doesn’t like it (END SPOILERS)
  • This route makes some interesting choice. Specifically: 1) The MC doesn’t fall in love with Alex until after the ending split (and only in the Happy End), and 2) Alex doesn’t change or develop throughout the route, the only time he does change is after an event in the Happy End. I’m not sure I actually like these things (especially Alex’s lack of development) but at least it is different?

Worst moments:

  • I dislike Alex so much
  • Catty fangirls
  • Why doesn’t anyone (Edward or the MC’s mother’s friend) try to stop Alex when he drags the MC up to her room
  • Alex rapes the MC to force her to marry him (and I don’t mean “rapey”, it is full on rape)

Worth the price of admission?: No. Don’t bother with this route, it is terrible. Initially I thought that I could salvage it by making this haughty guy fall helplessly in love with the MC, but no

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories: None

Recommended routes:


6 thoughts on “Alex Altavick

  1. Hey, so I just finished his route I assume? (Even though its only 20+% of the story?)
    Is the good ending with the main marrying him and having a rose garden, and going to a party with him?


    • That is definitely the normal or bad ending (probably the normal). In the Happy Ending they are on an island and Alex is in a wheelchair.
      The completion percents include all the endings, and I believe that Edward’s has the extra 1%.


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