Plot Summary: The MC chooses Haku to be her guardian. Even though Haku’s a master archer and a capable knight, he spends a lot of his time teasing the MC. Although he seems to always playing with the MC, she finds at times he can be really considerate and thoughtful. Just as she begins to see something deeper behind his facade, it turns out that someone might be disclosing the movements of their group to the enemy

What I think of him: Haku is a bit of a bully and a sadist, but he is also very sympathetic to the plights of others. He is a flirt and the wild child out of the knights. He tends to go off and do as he pleases and is generally reigned in by Lute. Even though he seems carefree, he is a highly competent knight and is the best archer. His only family is his younger sister, and he wears and treasures a locket with her picture. He is very adept at lying and concealing his true feelings

Charm point: Even though he is flirt, the MC can still make him blush

Quote: “I want to be a knight who belongs only to you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push down, because he needs to put his money where his mouth is

Would have eloped with:

  • Lute, because he tries to keep Haku on a leash and he clearly worries about the MC

Favorite moments:

  • All the scenes with Dragon, the horse, messing with Haku
  • Almost everything from when they were in the Village of Man
  • Haku interacting with the young boy thief
  • The festival and watching the sunset after the festival (it’s so bittersweet and so good)
  • When Haku comes to “kidnap” the MC
  • Dungeon scene
  • The farewell on the balcony
  • The MC is great. After she gets comfortable with Haku, she becomes snarky in response to his tease. Additionally she reacts very calmly and maturely when Haku leaves

Worst moments:

  • I think Haku gives away the plot-twist too early and too easily all things considered
  • I don’t know how the evil plot worked. How did no one notice?

Worth the price of admission?: Haku’s route is lighthearted but still has some punch. Additionally, Haku is a flirty sadist but the MC still holds her own against him, which is awesome

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Between her official duties and her lesson, the MC has almost no time to be with Haku. But when Dragon gets sick, she begs for some time off to visit him and soon finds herself on an unauthorized trip into town with Haku to get medicine for the sick animal. Haku getting jealous of Dragon is cute and it’s also nice to see that Haku knows that he’s acting childishly. This epilogue is worth the investment if you enjoyed the main route

Notable substories: There aren’t any

Recommended routes:


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