Plot Summary: The MC learns that Samon, a priest who has worked at her family’s shrine since she was in high school, is an ayakashi and that he has been sent to watch over her because of her special blood. Samon convinces the other clan heads to give the MC a month to decide who will be her protector. During that month they will all stay with the MC and Samon at the shrine and share the duty of guarding her. The MC plans to figure out a way to save herself during the month’s reprieve. She is determined not to give herself to an ayakashi but she finds herself depending more and more on Samon as she continues to be attacked by other ayakashi

What I think of him: Samon is gentle and shy. He is very handy around the house and is great at taking care of others. He has good control over his emotions and is a very understanding and considerate individual. He used to be a candidate to be a clan head, but after having his status removed, he was sent to the human world to train. Since he’s a Zashiki-Warashi, his power is primarily defensive, and he can also heal. He feels inadequate when he compares himself to the clan heads because he can’t fight, but they all respect Samon and listen to him.

Charm point: He’s always there when the MC needs him

Quote: “Back when we first met… your carefree smile stole my heart in a second. And my feelings haven’t changed once since then.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug because it can be both exciting and soothing

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Samon asking to stay by the MC’s side so he can protect her
  • When the MC becomes aware of Samon as a man
  • Samon getting mad at Miyabi
  • When the MC takes everyone out to the supermarket (it’s like they’re a family: the MC’s the mom, Samon’s the dad, and the clan heads are their kids)
  • Samon and the MC going out alone
  • Samon leading the rescue and then carrying the MC out
  • Samon yelling at the clan heads
  • How the MC makes her decision and announces it firmly
  • The Clan Heads spying on Samon and the MC
  • Going over to Samon’s place

Worst moments:

  • All the guys pressuring the MC to choose one of them
  • Miyabi’s rapey antics (especially considering that all the guys seem to know how Samon felt since the beginning)
  • Miyabi, Yukinojo, and Chikage telling the MC that she just needs to give one of them her body and it doesn’t matter how she feels (Samon says that they were just joking, but I didn’t feel it)
  • The way Samon and the MC keep telling the other that they are like siblings (even if they could have just said it less I would have been happier)

Worth the price of admission?: This story is a little different from the other routes since the MC isn’t forced to pick someone at the beginning, which is nice. Samon is the gentlest and most respectful out of all the ayakashi guys, and he is probably one of my top Voltage biases

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A few weeks after the MC made the agreement with Samon and the MC is in bliss (although she does wish they had more alone time). One night she comments to Samon that she loves how mature he is, and shortly afterwards he begins to act a little strangely. Since the MC is taken, the clan heads are free to be more charming than they were in the main route, which is nice. Additionally Samon gets more aggressive (well, aggressive for him) and he and the MC are very adorable. This was a sweet epilogue
  • Sequel: The MC has a dream that Samon leaves her. The next day, Samon tells her he must visit the mononoke village and invites her to go with him. When Samon introduces her as his partner to his clan’s elder, he and the MC are surprised to be met by disapproval and a demand that they end their relationship. There is an old legend that says if a zashiki-warashi falls in love with the one he’s supposed to protect, the couple will be met by misfortune. Even though Samon rejects that claim, things suddenly begin going wrong in the village. To be frank, I was disappointed in this sequel route. There are cute moments, but Samon made a decision that had me screaming “why?!”, and I found the zashiki-warashi clan to be almost entirely unlikable (almost as much as the yukibito clan into Yukinojo’s route) and fickle
  • Sequel Epilogue: The MC and Samon are back in the human world, and Ikumi’s boyfriend mentions that Samon looks like the most popular member of a hot boyband. I love this epilogue; the MC and Samon are adorable together, and the clan heads tease them as usual (there’s a certain part that shows how much they care about Samon and it’s great). The best part is that Samon gets to show his manly side and it’s just wonderful
  • Love Nest for Two: Three onmyoji that have been sealed away for a millennium have awakened and they want the MC’s power so they can destroy all the ayakashi. After being rescued by Kiryu, the head of the most powerful ayakashi clan the dragons, Samon and the MC go into seclusion at Kiryu’s safe house hoping to power Samon up enough that he can reseal the onmiyoji. But Kiryu expresses doubts that a zashiki-warashi will have the power to seal the onmiyoji and suggests that the MC find someone else to make the agreement with. Although the MC and Samon spend a lot of time alone, it feels like their coupley-ness is mostly for the sake of defeating the onmiyoji instead of out of love. There is a lot more action than the previous route which was nice, especially if you like seeing your guy get the stuffing beat out of him (like me) because it happens a lot. Again, both Samon and the MC make a decision that upset me (a la the Sequel route), and I don’t really understand why because afterwards the MC seems to know that it would have never worked. Also Kiryu is a (gorgeous) jerk, Overall it’s an okay route (the endings are great), but, since I love Samon so much, I felt a little disappointed and wish it were better
  • Love Nest for Two Epilogue: The shrine is almost repaired and the MC is sad that her life living alone with Samon is coming to an end. Sensing this, Samon sets out to make the most of their last day alone. This was really cute, with a little side dish of fun when the other clan heads appear. Kiryu didn’t make an appearance, which was puzzling since he appeared more than the other guys in the main route. The best part about this epilogue is probably seeing the contrast between how Samon acts when he and the MC are alone and how he acts when they are in front of others

Notable substories:

  • His POV – Samon: The main route from Samon’s point-of-view. There are a small amount of scenes that weren’t in the main route, but overall this route is satisfying because you get to see behind Samon’s reserve. It’s really heartbreaking to see how much he cares for the MC and how he decides she needs to be with one of the clan heads
  • A Poem from Him – Samon: Just when the MC decides to tell Samon that she missed him after she returns from a short trip, an ayakashi woman steals her voice. The MC’s dilemma about telling Samon that she was constantly thinking of him is lame. It’s pretty much just a framework for her loosing her voice, but it’s still a borderline stupid problem in this situation, and I think that the MC would agree by the end of the substory. Other than that minor issue, this substory is sweet and seeing how the MC and Samon can communicate without words is adorable. Plus there is a chapter from Samon’s POV which is always great

Recommended routes:


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