Takao Maruyama


Plot Summary: The MC chooses to help Takao and is stunned when he suddenly asks her to be his wife. He quickly backpedals and expains that he needs her to pretend to be his fiance during a visit to his grandmother, who is hospitalized. Her role as his fiance is unexpectedly extended and the longer she plays the role, the more the MC begins to wonder what it would be like if the charade was real

What I think of him: Takao is a family man. As the eldest of five brother’s he’s used to acting like an elder brother, and this attitude extends to his friends as well. He is the one who keeps the peace when the Long Island boys start getting rowdy and acceptingly takes his share of being the butt of their jokes (it generally ends with him blushing). He always puts others ahead of himself and is very gentle. He is a competent lawyer who is always available to help those in need and he is both straitlaced and just. He is also very adept around the house, and would make a great “househuband” as the guys say. He’s very honest and upfront and always tries to find the best in everyone

Charm point: He’s a closet pervert

Quote: “I won’t let you have her. She’s the one thing I can’t give up.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, because no matter what it gives the MC comfort

Would have eloped with:

  • Ren, because he is “burning with jealousy” lol
  • Yuta, because he is always saying that he wished you picked him

Favorite moments:

  • Tatsuki is adorable (for the most part)
  • Naptime with Ryu and Takao
  • The baseball game
  • Grandma and the MC teasing Takao
  • I love how the MC’s guilt is written about, it’s very moving
  • When Takao finally begins to see the MC as a girl
  • The story about Takao’s first crush is adorable
  • “I want a bride like the MC” lol
  • Grannie is great

Worst moments:

  • How the MC is cornered into agreeing to Takao’s request. First the other guys apply pressure, the MC rejects, and then Kunihiko coerces her into agreeing. The MC then brushes it off as “well it’s only one day”. My thougts are as follows: if you don’t agree so much then you should have just got a job on your own or went back home (and punched Kunihiko in the face), if it isn’t so bad you should have just agreed to help in the first place. There was no point in the MC saying I can’t do it so firmly and then just coming around moments later (after more pressure is applied). And I know that their applying pressure is just supposed to show how much they all care for Takao and his grandma, but what they’re doing to a girl from the country who has just come to the city who only one of them knows makes them seem like jerks, and it makes Kunihiko seem like a sleazeball. Okay, rant over

Worth the price of admission?: Takao is a delight and his reason for needing a fake wife is the best (all lease selfish) out of all the guys. If you like elder-brother types, I think Takao is Voltage’s #1 family man

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Takao go to a hotsprings for their “honeymoon”. Since their feelings became mutual, Takao splurged and so attached to their room is a private outdoor bath big enough for two. This is a great epilogue. It is cute, sweet, a little bit exciting, and there’s Takao in a yukata
  • Sequel: Things are going well for the MC and Takao; they are still living together, and Takao has just gotten promoted at work and is working on his first solo case. But then the MC begins receiving strange phone calls and feels like someone is watching her. This explores Takao, why he became a lawyer, and his struggle to protect the MC while seeking justice
  • Sequel Epilogue: In recognition of his work on his first solo case, Takao gets a week off work, and he and the MC head off to Bali. This is mostly generic date stuff, but seeing Takao getting a little jealous is cute. So nothing life changing here, but it’s fine. Since Takao is usually so perfect and put together it is a treat to see the MC supporting him
  • Season 2: A year after the MC moved to Tokyo, a baby is suddenly abandoned on the doorstep of Takao’s law firm. The baby’s mother calls and says that she will return for her son, and, deciding to believe in the mother, Takao and the MC take the baby into their own home. This story focuses a lot on how the MC feels like an inadequate match for Takao and her feelings that Takao is holding himself back around her. The baby is for the most part used to work out the MC’s issues and it is only until the last couple of chapters when the story returns to reuniting the baby with his mother. I really do enjoy this route, not only because Takao is adorable with a baby, but also because I really enjoyed watching the MC’s struggles
  • Season 2 Epilogue: The day after Takao’s second proposal he and the MC go to her childhood home to seek her parents’ blessings. Takao is super nervous and it’s really adorable, and the MC’s mom get out the family album and embarrassed the MC. Basically, it’s all great
  • Wedding Bells: The MC and Takao begin planning their wedding and since there is a sudden opening at a popular venue, the big day is closer than expected. Takao is busy with work and the MC becomes suspicious that he is hiding something from her. The moral of this route is “communication is key” and it builds on the MC’s feelings in the main route of season two that Takao doesn’t depend on her. The MC’s epiphany that Takao may have had a just reason to hide things from her fell a little flat for me. I am firmly on the side of Takao should have told the MC everything, I think that would have fit his straightforwardness better. All the scenes about the wedding or about planning it are great and are the primary reason for buying this route
  • Wedding Bells Epilogue: After the wedding and reception it is time for Takao and the MC’s first night together as a married couple, but they keep getting interrupted. This has sexy Takao and some more family antics which is great but the last bit is pretty boring

Notable substories:

  • Summer Love with My Husband: Yuta won a years supply of somen noodles on a variety show and splits his winnings with all the guys. There are only so many ways to eat noodles, so the MC and Takao decide to play with their food and make a noodle run. The MC also deals with Takao always pampering her and not allowing her to pamper him (and she actually takes about it with him, good job!). Since Takao is so intellectual, it’s nice to see him being so physical.
  • His Feelings: This story shows three scenes (taking care of Ryutaro in the first route, seeing the MC in a dress in the main route, and a scene from the Cherry Blossoms substory) from Takao’s POV. This is the closest thing we get to a His POV in this game and it covers two of my favorite scenes from the main route and the last one is pretty funny. I high recommend this substory
  • Watch Out for the Tricky Night: When the guys decide to throw a Halloween Party at Long Island, they also decide that everyone should come up with a short skit that matches their costume. Takao is really adorable in this one and we also get to see is jealous side, so it’s all good

Recommended routes:


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