Makoto Morimachi


Plot Summary: When the MC’s apartment is temporarily uninhabitable because of a flood, she moves upstairs into the apartment of the Morimachi brothers. Makoto, the eldest of the brothers, has always been like a big brother to the MC, and the person she ran to as a child when she needed help, and even as adult Makoto is always there to help out the MC whether she is struggling with work or her love life. But even though she is supposed to still be in love with Hiroki, the MC can’t help but sometimes feel a fluttering in her heart around Makoto

What I think of him: Makoto is a supportive, brotherly individual and likes to take care of others. He’s gentle and very giving, He cares deeply for those close to him (namely his brother and the MC), but can appear cold to those outside his circle. He is very in command of his emotions, and when he does get angry, it is never for himself. He is devoted to his job and research to the point that he can work through the night without stopping. Even though he gets good results for his work, he is very modest about it

Charm point: He is always there to back the MC up and encourage her

Quote: “All I want, more than anything, is to see your smiling face.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, their first one, at long last

Would have eloped with:

  • Riku, because he’s such a cute little brother and he’s got some great lines

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC tells Makoto she is going to be his personal assistant and his resulting embarrassment
  • When the MC freaks out when the power goes out (in a manner similar to how I would and not a usual otome reaction way)
  • The flashback where the MC finds Makoto and Riku when they’re lost
  • Hiroki is a jerkwad. It’s a good thing in this case because after the prologue I didn’t want his character to be redeemed, and also because by this point in the story I just wanted someone to be mean to the MC
  • Makoto’s confession up to the crying CG
  • Hiro and Riku’s trick on the MC
  • Agressive!Makoto is sexy

Worst moments:

  • The summary needs to be rewritten. That Makoto had a crush on the MC isn’t revealed until the eight chapter (not a spoiler, that’s in the summary)
  • There’s a point towards the end where Hiroki tells the MC that she is “surprisingly cruel”, and when he said that a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that this was exactly the problem that I was struggling with regarding the MC for the later half of the story. I forgave her thoughtless words to Makoto when they were at lunch, but she keeps doing things that hurt him and she rearranges her thoughts in a way that suit herself instead of facing reality. When she was going to go on a drive with Hiroki, I wanted to smack her so bad. Another way of saying it is that the MC is dense and deliberately obtuse. To be fair, she shows signs of redemption at the end, but it was a little too late for me

Worth the price of admission?: I don’t like the MC; I have an issues with her, and she drags the story out for a couple extra, unnecessary chapters. I do really love Makoto though, and even though I’m glad he’s happy, I want some other MC to swoop in and take him away. So far, with only Ayato, Ichiya, and Makoto’s routes out, Makoto is my favorite of the guys, but this route is my least favorite route

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • His POV: The main route from Makoto’s point-of-view. It begins before the actually route, with Makoto moving back into the apartment after studying abroad. After reuniting with the MC, his first love, he slowly comes to realize that he is still in love with her. It’s really great and the most annoying parts about the MC are cut (like how she rearranges things in her mind to make herself feel better and how she drags the story on). It was beautiful and hurtful to see him boxing up his emotions, and I was tearing up when I saw him buying the infamous chocolate for the MC
  • It’s a Date: It’s been a couple of days since Makoto and the MC have started dating and just as they’re getting ready for their first date, the MC becomes concerned that Makoto is still treating her as a little sister. My opinion of the MC actually went up in this one, she’s actually pretty cute in this. And of course Makoto is great, so if you like Makoto I definitely recommend this (which is basically an epilogue for the main route)

Notable substories:

  • Makoto Mini Story 1 & 2: These were cute little Q&A’s released before Makoto’s route. They’re cute because of the interaction between the boys, which isn’t really present in the main route itself (because the MC gets to stay at Makoto’s house so she doesn’t need the public space to interact with him)

Recommended routes:


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