Akito Kakiuchi


Plot Summary: A month after coming to Tokyo, and the MC manages to score an interview at a spa through Saeki’s connections. The interview goes well and the MC is asked to try out the spa and write a report about her experience. Mid-way through a massage, the MC is surprised to realize that her masseur is her childhood friend and first love, Akio

What I think of him: Akito is at times haughty but is usually kind. He dotes on the MC but doesn’t really spoil her. He loves his job and works very hard at it. He also loves his family and doesn’t like to let them down. He is a good liar but in some ways he is all to easy to read. He is a bit of a tease and can devolve into childishness when with the MC. He spent so much time with the MC that he feels a little possessive of her

Charm point: He talks tough to hide his embarrassment

Quote: “I’ll find you as many times as it takes”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get massaged by

Would have eloped with:

  • Ren, because he is so gentle and supportive

Favorite moments:

  • When Akito tells the MC about how he felt when they were little, and basically all the flashbacks
  • I love how Akito and the MC have similar situations with their families
  • All the times Akito and the MC goof around
  • Stargazing with Ren
  • When the MC is able to find Akito in Kyushu
  • The park scene
  • The MC’s drinking expertise
  • the contrast of how Akito acts during the first massage versus the second massage

Worst moments:

  • Akito is horribly manipulative at first, and I don’t feel it is adequately explained
  • When the MC does her whole “my friend has a problem” to talk about her and Akito, the Long Island guys were sure unsympathetic. And I couldn’t tell if they knew the MC was talking about herself or not

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, I think Akito’s route is cute once you get past the weird manipulative!Akito part. You can definitely feel that Akito and the MC are childhood friends, and I find their interactions adorable. Plus, I find Akito’s design super attractive (especially his hair and when he wears glasses ^////^)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: While tagging along with Akito on his business trip to Osaka, an elderly lady comments that the two of them look like close siblings. The MC begins to worry that she and Akito are more like siblings instead of lovers, especially since their relationship has progressed at all since they began going out. This is a necessary follow-up since Akito and the MC do tend to feel like siblings at times, and my final judgement is that it is slightly better than just okay. There were parts I enjoyed, but most of the epilogue was forgettable

Notable substories:

  • Watch Out for the Tricky Night: Everyone decides to throw a Halloween Party at Long Island and the MC suggests that Akito dress as a knight since he wasn’t able to be one in the middle school play. This is a cute substory with lots of teasing by Akito and a handful of delightful sweet moments
  • Racing Heartbeat with him: (From Sweet Cafe) This story takes place in an alternate universe. The MC is tired of her more-than-friends-less-than-lovers relationship with Akito and decides to marry someone her family is trying to introduce her to. I liked this cliche mini-story, it was dramatic and the emotions were heartfelt
  • Gold Medal Love: (From Sweet Cafe) The MC has but on extra weight and Akito voulnteers his services to help her lose it. I don’t appreciate how Akito says he’s bothered (a little) by the MC gaining weight, but I do like seeing him get hot and bothered while he’s trying to be professional
  • Gold Medal Love II: (From Sweet Cafe) Akito is arranging a Japanese hospital exerience for some international models who will be advertising the spa he works at, and he and and the MC go to a traditional inn to check if it will work out. The MC is adorable in this one, and Akito is cute and sexy (although we fail to get Akito sexy-times again)

Recommended routes:


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