Soji (Sojiro Sasaki)


Plot Summary: Since the MC has no place to go, Kinshiro offers to allow her to stay at Kyokatei. Soji is also living there and will therefore be able to keep an eye on her since he is the one she spotted preforming an assassination. The MC says that she wants to take revenge for her parents with her own hands. Soji is against everything, the MC staying at Kyokatei and her joining the vigilantes. Soji seems unapproachable, and the MC soon begins to hope that she’ll be able to get him to open up to her

What I think of him: Soji is quiet and unsociable. He has a strong sense of justice and takes his day job as a constable just as seriously as his nighttime assassin job. He grew up with Aoi and is closest to him even though he frequently “argues” with him. He has a extremely strong sense of justice and acknowledges the importance of the vigilantes but also that they are basically murderers. He cares deeply about those around him, which was why he initially opposed the MC joining the vigilantes

Charm point: He doesn’t want to share the MC but blushes easily when it comes to her

Quote: “I was lucky to have fallen in love with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Support and be supported by

Would have eloped with:

  • Aoi, because his bromance with Soji is wonderful and it’s cute how he denied that he likes the MC
  • Sion, because he’s just so upfront about liking the MC and doesn’t hesitate to show his affection

Favorite moments:

  • Whenever all the guys gang up on Kinshiro
  • Getting ready for the festival and the festival itself
  • Soji’s confession
  • When the MC tries to wake up Soji
  • Soji and Aoi’s backstory
  • The Sweet Ending is silly at first and then get steamy

Worst moments:

  • The MC is a little afraid of Soji at first and all it took for her to get over it is Aoi telling her that Soji is a good guy. She then quickly somehow is on good terms with him
  • The Good Ending was meh
  • The Normal Ending was a missed opportunity for tragedy. I would have much preferred to have a Sweet Ending, a Good/Normal Ending, and a Bad Ending

Worth the price of admission?: It’s free and I love this game, so it is worth the time to play through

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Nothing

Notable substories:

  • Sweet Kiss After Crisis: This story takes place starting the day after the festival, during the main route. The MC and Kinshiro meet a strange man and Kinshiro thinks that the emblem on his jacket might be the same as the village that Soji and Aoi come from. Wanting to keep the MC safe, Soji tells the MC that they have to keep away from themselves for a while. I like the story and the ending is sweet. It was nice to linger on how Soji and the MC acted right after they get together
  • Good Morning Smooch: When Soji’s sleepiness causes the MC to get a minor injury, Soji goes out of his way to wait hand and foot on the MC. Not only is Soji adorable when he’s sleepy, he pretty cute throughout the whole story
  • Shall We Dream Date?: The MC and Soji are stuck in a cabin during a blizzard and must snuggle for warmth. It’s just as cliche and cute as it sounds
  • Shall We Dream Date? Second Season: After a mission, the MC’s naivety gets Soji poisoned. In this one it’s great to see how the MC can stand up and be the one to protect instead of always being protected. She and Soji make a great team and it is a pretty good (if short) story
  • What if Love Goes Wrong: The MC comments that she loves how gentle Soji is which cause him to act strangely, or maybe he’s actually showing his true colors? This event story drifts into yandere territory (I love that place). I think that this darker, more violent side is something that probably does exist in Soji, a man who kills people as one of his jobs and who considers himself to be akin a murderer. I like this story, and I’m sad I didn’t manage to get the second part

Recommended routes:


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