Takeshi Yuno


Plot Summary: The MC decides to help Takeshi at his family’s bathhouse, Happy Waters. She finds Takeshi to be just as hard to understand and kind as he was ten years ago, but she is very aware that he has grown up as well. The MC is settling back in with her childhood friends when she hears that Takeshi might be dating the manager of the track team, Natsumi.

What I think of him: Takeshi is quiet and quirky. He thinks a lot but doesn’t really share his thoughts so it’s difficult to understand what he’s thinking at times, but he is very honest. He doesn’t care what others think about him but isn’t comfortable with being in the spotlight. He prefers to observe people (although he isn’t really subtle about it). Takeshi likes manga and talking history with Johji. He also loves running, but wonders if he should be spending time on track when he could be helping out with the bath house his family runs

Charm point: His childhood nickname for the MC is Little Duck and it is the cutest thing ever

Quote: “Finally, I could tell my first love how I feel… For as long as I can remember, I’ve always liked you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, the MC’s first, second, and all of them

Would have eloped with:

  • Haruki, because his sister complex is hilarious and adorable

Favorite moments:

  • Takeshi’s secret
  • Ryuzo’s little brother’s request to get Haruki’s little sister to like him (Haru’s reactions are always hilarious)
  • The whole Osteo Drink thing (adorable)
  • I really like Natsumi, she’s a really great girl friend character
  • All the guys teasing the MC on the train
  • Sneaking out with Takeshi

Worst moments:

  • The Indian guy was super annoying and I don’t really know why he even has to be in the route
  • Things just seem to happen and get resolved quickly (like the bullying subplot)
  • It takes the MC a weirdly long time to realize that she has a crush on Takeshi. She seems to have a good grasp on how she’s feeling and even frets about him saying they’re “just friends” but her lightbulb moment comes after that fairly late in the route

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, I love Takeshi and even though he is funnier in other routes, this route is cute and Natsumi is the best girl friend the MC gets in any of the high school routes

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A month after Takeshi and the MC start going out, Takeshi’s grandma enters him as their neighborhood’s participant in the Poster Boy Pageant, a pageant for sons of local business owners. Takeshi doesn’t want to join but since the winner gets to be on TV, this might be another chance to find his grandma’s first love. The MC and Takeshi are still in their very adorable just-started-going-out phase, and the other boys are out full force with their friendship as well
  • Sequel: Takeshi is busy training for the All-Japan track team. The MC misses their time together, especially since he’s going to be gone for a week for training camp, but she decides to do her best to support him. And since Happy Waters is loosing business, the MC begins to work to bring in business to Takeshi’s family business. This route mostly focuses on the MC and Takeshi’s difficulties in sharing their concerns with each other. I thought the love rival was unnecessary, but overall the route was good. The best parts were when the guys were goofing around and when the MC finally got to be together with Takeshi
  • Three Years Later: Three years after they began dating, the MC and Takeshi are both in college pursuing their respective dreams. The MC’s parents are returning to Japan for a visit, and she’s excited about getting to introduce Takeshi as her boyfriend. But then she gets a call from Aiko that Takeshi was injured and learns that he might never be able to run competitively again. This route is rough, and I know a lot of people hate it. It’s not my choice of a light read, but the emotions in this one hit hard. If you want a happy and fun, you probably won’t like this route, but it is important going forward so you should at least read a full summary if you don’t want to buy it
  • Living with Him: Takeshi gets to live in the Ninja Men house, a location from his favorite childhood show, and he wants the MC to move in with him. Living together isn’t as sweet as the MC thought it would be initially but once the MC begins communicating her relationship with Take becomes adorable. And if you are like me, you will be happy to know that there is a lot more of Takeshi in glasses (*squee*)
  • Ten Years Later: It’s been almost ten years since the MC and Takeshi have started going out and both of them are both busy with their careers. Takeshi is close to achieving his goal of being the trainer of an Olympian, but things are getting a little rocky on that front. And since one of her friends is getting married, the MC begins to wonder when she and Takeshi will take that step. Takeshi is a little bullheaded for most of this, but once he recovers things are sweet (then worrisome and then sweet again). I don’t know… I kept reading but I pretty much just wanted to get to the end already (with the exception of a few scenes)
  • Wedding: The MC and Takeshi move in together. But with the Olympics just around the corner the two of them haven’t even spoken about their plans for marriage. Furthermore, Takeshi has to leave for an extended training camp. The MC feels a little lonely but decides that she must support Takeshi’s dream. This was the Takeshi route I was waiting for, it’s so much better than the Ten Years Later route. The MC is suffering from the usual suffer-in-silence syndrome, the foreshadowing was heavy-handed, and it didn’t feel like it was a “wedding” route until the last chapter, but I was invested in the story. When I reflect on the choices that Takeshi made in the end, I sort of feel sad, like I did about the cram school teacher’s decision in Homare’s sequel. I don’t really understand why it had to be that way, but I guess the end result is cute so I’ll try not to dwell on it. If you like Takeshi, this route is a good one

Notable substories:

  • Summer Camp Love: This takes place in high school. The MC and the guys are going to attend a neighborhood summer camp but suddenly the track team has a practice match on the same day. This one has a cute high school date and lots of snuggling
  • Black Ship Halloween: Takes place during high school. The guys decide to have a Halloween event at Black Ship. They divvy up the tasks and the MC decides to help Takeshi decorate the place. There’s a cute scene of them goofing off at a store, costumes, and Takeshi being cute
  • Sports Day Kiss: Takes place during high school. Sports day is coming up and Takeshi and the MC are on the basketball team. But things aren’t going well since Takeshi is doing well in a team setting. The MC is a bit of a hypocrite in this one since she keeps telling Takeshi not to overwork himself while she does exactly that to herself. It’s nice to see her taking a more active support role rather than just being there for him
  • Gushing Praise: (from Sweet Cafe) Takes place during high school. The MC buys herself a new dress to celebrate a successful diet and Takeshi has a thing or two to say. What can I say, it’s adorable
  • Let’s Make a Toast: This takes place in college. The MC has finally come of age and can now drink alcohol. When she drinks with the guys for the first time, Takeshi gets drunk, super cute drunk.
  • Sleepless Nights: This takes place during college. Happy Waters is super busy so the MC offers to help out, and afterwards Takeshi invites her up to his room. This story is cute and it comes with a His POV chapter which is pretty much worth the price in and of itself

Recommended routes:


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