Hiro Sarashina


Plot Summary: Hiro convinces the MC to choose him by assuming an identity that he thinks the MC would like and tricking her. The MC has a hard time pinning down Hiro’s personality since he keeps changing it around. One things she does know is that she doesn’t really have to worry about his warning not to fall in love with him, because there is no way she is falling for a playboy criminal who keeps threatening her and dragging her off to steal things

What I think of him: Even though he was born in the 90’s Hiro has the soul of an 80’s child. He jokes around a lot and seems pretty cheerful but he is also really smart with an IQ high enough that the government has always had an eye on him. His family is pretty broken but he is close to his twin sister who sort of has a brother complex. Hiro is fascinated with his power over women and tends to hook up with them and use them. He is really good at figuring out people and adjusting his attitude to work with them

Charm point: He’s the perfect guy if you’re into role playing (love the dark hair and glasses look)

Quote: “I just naturally want to take care of you. I want to treasure you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Play dress up together

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC first sees Hiro crossdressing
  • The MC no-selling Hiro when he starts genuinely liking her because she things he’s messing around
  • The MC slapping Hiro for screwing with her at the dog race
  • On the beach when Hiro opens up to the MC about his past
  • The stories about the MC and her great-grandfather
  • When Seiko barges in on Hiro and the MC making out and proceeds to scold Hiro for how he’s treating the MC
  • Hiro’s interaction with the other Black Foxes in the Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • It’s rough being with Hiro at first. He deceives, threatens, and insults the MC and it is hard

Worth the price of admission?: I like Hiro in other routes but his route is tough. The last couple of chapters are nice, but I honestly don’t know if those chapters are worth wading through the rest

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Ranko’s newspaper is hosting a party to a former Interpol detective who quit his job to chase after the Black Foxes, and she wants the MC to acts as a hostess at the event. Hiro agrees to let the MC go so long as he can also attend the party. I enjoyed the interaction between the MC and Seiko, and Hiro is now always in cute mode with the MC. If you liked the last couple of the chapters in the main route, then you will like this epilogue

Notable substories:

  • A Thief’s Day Job: The MC and Ranko decide to shadow Hiro at his art college for Ranko’s article. Hiro is all over the MC as usual but the MC is surprised to see a more serious side to him as well. I like watching Hiro goof off and it’s fun to see what he gets up to in his day to day life
  • What If… Hiro: In order to save a precious place from his childhood, Hiro must pretend to be a new actor. This one is very silly and it’s worth buying even if you aren’t a big Hiro fan
  • The Thief Olympics: The Black Foxes are joining a competition to decide who the best thieves in the world are and the MC partners with Hiro for the disguise competition. Hiro is goofing around for most of this but everything from when Hiro and the MC start getting chased is entertaining. Plus the White Raccoon makes an appearance which is always fun
  • A Chocolate Kiss: It’s Valentine’s Day and the special chocolates the MC made for Hiro are missing. She says she’ll make more for him, and Hiro immediately brings her back to his kitchen. Since Hiro seems so good at everything it is nice to see how much he sucks at cooking. And since it’s Hiro you know things get steamy towards the end
  • The White Foxes: It’s White Day and time for Hiro to give back. It’s a cute date story and Hiro spends his time being very sweet and very flirty (as usually). My favorite part is probably when Hiro names a sheep after Takuto

Recommended routes:


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