Tatsuro Togoshi


Plot Summary: The MC’s childhood friend, Tatsuro, has returned to Japan from training with the FBI in order to catch the Black Foxes. Tatsuro was the MC’s first love and she finds herself falling for him again, but, unbeknownst to him, they are  enemies now.

What I think of him: Tatsuro is dedicated to his work and to catching the Black Foxes. He frequently returns home only to fall asleep on the couch from exhaustion. He is athletic and kind so he was always a little popular with girls. He is inexperienced with women and is sort of a pushover when it comes to them; this leads to him frequently dating pushy girls, but his relationships usually end after three months. He can be oblivious about some things but can also be very sharp. He adores the MC, to the point that he turns on his blinders in regards to the possibility of her being a Black Fox. Even though he is a perceptive detective, he can be a little bit clumsy. The Black Fox guys like to make fun of him but I think he only seems plan compared to them since they are so extraordinary and Tatsuro is only above average (consider the difference of being top of your class versus top in the country)

Charm point: The MC was his first love and he still hasn’t gotten over her

Quote: “You were always number one in my mind.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Pat on the MC’s head, it was the touch she was afraid to lose

Would have eloped with:

  • Hiro, because he warns her about what will happen if she falls for Tatsuro and tries to cheer her up when everything goes to hell

Favorite moments:

  • Tatsuro’s confession
  • Their first kiss
  • Whenever the MC and Tatsuro’s childhood is brought up
  • The Happy Ending
  • The MC’s conflict in this one is so good. The set up of her being a thief and him being a police detective was already great, but her feeling that she is betraying him is so heart wrenching

Worst moments:

  • I hate Kuroiwa. I know we’re supposed to, but she didn’t have to be so freaking annoying
  • I wish there was more of the Black Foxes I love in this one. They feel a little distant since we don’t get to see them goofing off as much, and at times they can be a little scary/insensitive (like when Kenshi is telling the MC that Tatsuro might have to have one of his legs amputated)

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, Tatsuro is the butt of many a joke but he is a sweetheart and an all around great guy. The devotion he has for the MC is touching and the emotions of both him and the MC are spot on in his route

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Tatsuro are going out but it’s awkward transitioning from childhood friends to lovers. Just when they are planning to go on a little trip together, Tatsuro gets put in charge of a case involving Black Fox impersonators. The MC and Tatsuro are cute together and it’s nice seeing the Black Foxes goofing around so much (Hiro is especially hilarious). I have mixed feelings about the MC graduating from the Black Foxes, but considering how much she felt like she was betraying Tatsure in the main route, I think it was ultimately the right move

Notable substories:

  • A Hot Springs Trip: Tatsuro wins a couple’s hit springs trip and invites the MC. The MC is trying to enjoy the vacation but is on guard for disturbances from the black foxes. It’s the MC versus the Black Foxes, there’s a pillow fight, and it ends with Tatsuro getting aggressive. What more could you ask for?
  • What If… Tatsuro: Tatsuro needs help getting evidence to acquit a friend and he has no where to turn but the Black Foxes. Basically, Tatsuro joins the Black Foxes for a mission and it’s great, and it ends with him being sexy and aggressive 😉
  • A Chocolate Kiss: The MC can’t find the chocolate she made for Tatsuro. She makes it a mission to buy him chocolate during their date before he notices that anything is going on. This story is mostly silly, but also cute
  • The White Foxes: The MC and Tatsuro are out on a date on White Day, and the MC happens to see Tatsuro secretly talking to Hiro and Takuto. This is just as silly as the Valentine’s Day prequel and just as cute

Recommended routes:


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