Kenshi Inagaki


Plot Summary: Riki assigns Kenshi to watch over the MC and orders the MC to move into Kenshi’s house. Kenshi lives in the traditional restaurant that his family has been running for centuries and which his mother is currently running. When Atsumu forces the MC to quit her job, the MC ends up working for Kenshi’s mother in the restaurant. As the MC spends more time with and around Kenshi the more see is able to see past the label of “criminal” to the man beneath.

What I think of him: Kenshi is kind and dependable. He has a big brother vibe and is always there to take care of others. Almost everything he does is for other people. He’s a jock and probably the most athletic of the Black Foxes. He is very enthusiastic and doesn’t have much of a filter between his thoughts and his mouth. He is pretty open about his feelings and is smarter than he seems. He is very conscious about what being a thief means for her personal life so he tends to put barriers between himself and those not involved in Black Fox business.

Charm point: He’s very honest and open about his feelings and isn’t afraid of PDA

Quote: “… Oh my god, that is so cute… but I guess I shouldn’t call you cute when you’re chained up like this…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Ruffling the MC’s hair, messing it up

Would have eloped with:

  • Tatsuro, because he wants to help the MC so much and his rivalry with Kenshi is cute

Favorite moments:

  • The MC punching the target and Kenshi’s subsequent teasing
  • The camellia sweets incident and the rooftop scene
  • Bath scene
  • The MC’s second mission
  • Moving into Le Renard Noir
  • The MC comforting Kenshi
  • Kenshi and Hiro rescuing the MC when she gets abducted
  • Visiting Kenshi’s mom in the hospital
  • I really love how Kenshi and the MC become good friends before they fall in love

Worst moments:

  • The part were it’s suggested that Tatsuro is deceiving the MC
  • I don’t understand why the other waitresses need to be catty towards the MC
  • So many situations could have been avoided if the guys had just told the MC things (like why she needed to quit her job)

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, Kenshi is a great guy, and he and the MC have a healthy and adorable relationship

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC is back in her own apartment and at her old job, but she and Kenshi are going strong. Then one day the MC finds a letter from a woman in Kenshi’s drawer. Not only are the MC super cute in this one, but they also share the same insecurities which is nice. Since Kenshi spends a lot of the main route not seeing the MC as a girl, it’s nice to see him fret over her, and it is even better when the MC gets him to acknowledge that she is a full member of the Black foxes
  • Sequel: I have to confess that I saw someone read this route, but I do not own it myself because I didn’t care for it. Sure I like how competent the MC is as a thief and her and Kenshi are cute, but I couldn’t do the Princess getting a crush on him thing.
  • Sequel Epilogue: Belis asks the MC has to disguise herself as a princess to fill in for one at a party. Kenshi goes along as her date and convinces her to wear the tiara he bought for her. The first chapter is pretty whatever, in my opinion, but the second chapter makes up for it

Notable substories:

  • A Thief’s Day Job: Ranko needs to follow around a hot guy for a day for an article and the MC volunteers Kenshi and gets to tag along as well. It’s nice to see Kenshi at his day job and I like seeing his cute technologically incapable side. Plus you get to see a little more of Kenshi and Tatsuro competing for the MC which is always a treat (you can branch off into Tatsuro’s “route” from Kenshi’s route too)
  • A Hot Spring Trip: The Black Fox boys rig a contest so the MC wins a hot spring trip for everyone. Kenshi and the MC are being mushier than usual and the other guys can’t take it anymore so they come up with a plan to separate the lovebirds. The relationship between Kenshi and the MC is super cute as usual, and it is nice to see more of the other guys being up to mischief
  • A Dangerous Fall: The MC’s museum is holding a big exhibit, but the day after the loaned pieces arrive, they are stolen. The MC pairs with Kenshi to find one of the stolen pieces, a katana. Kenshi really shows his thief skills in this one and is very dashing
  • Chocolate Kiss: The MC makes chocolates for all the guys, but when she tries to give them out she discovers that her chocolates are missing. This one has a great chase scene and it’s cute to see how far Kenshi will go to retrieve the chocolates that his honey made especially for him
  • The White Foxes: It’s time for White Day and for the guys to return the favor. Kenshi plans a date on his own and the MC can’t help but notice that’s he’s so different today. Kenshi is sweet in this one and his relationship with the MC is probably one of the best relationships in Voltagedom (from a realistic standpoint)
  • A Field Day for Thieves: It’s field day for the local shopping center and the Black Foxes are recruited to participate. The MC struggles to keep pace with the athletic Kenshi, and Tatsuro intervenes. This one is nice since Kenshi gets to show his athletic side, and I always love seeing Tatsuro competing with Kenshi over the MC

Recommended routes:


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