Homare Midorikawa


Plot Summary: The MC decides to sit next to Homare and learns (via Kanji) that he is pretty much a genius who scores first on national tests. She also discovers that he’s rude and curt. But as she spends more time with him she discovers that he is also kind and she can’t help but be fascinated by him

What I think of him: Homare is cool and intelligent. He knows how smart he is and frequently talks down to others and bosses people around using logical as both his weapon and his shield. He is critical, frequently rude, and says what he thinks. He tends to stay out of other’s business and doesn’t like to get involved in things that might impact his record, but he is very observant about other people. Homare is a bit of a sadist, but he is also a big brother though and that shows through at times. He gets jealous easily

Charm point: He can’t leave the MC alone (both because the MC is a walking mess and also because he loves to tease her)

Quote: “You’re a weirdo, but in a special way. I don’t get sick of looking at you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push him down, frequently but always accidentally

Would have eloped with: 

  • Nagisa, because he wants to steal the MC away
  • Kanji, because he’s a great friend who cheers on the MC and Homare and he is also funny

Favorite moments:

  • The haunted house
  • When Homare and Takashi “flex their brains” at each other
  • The story about little Homare falling in love with his teacher who sewed on his button
  • Pickup Bridge and takoyaki in Kobe
  • The MC walking in on the half-naked Homare
  • The cabin scene and how everyone tries to take the blame for it (and those crazy excuses)
  • The MC teasing Homare

Worst moments:

  • The Letter, it was such a forced way of letting the MC know about Homare’s background. I’m glad that it didn’t cause a huge fuss but, looking at it another way, it didn’t even cause a fuss
  • Homare’s “I don’t know about girls” excuse

Worth the price of admission?: I like Homare and find him cute, but he does verge on verbally abusive and if you dislike jealous men, you should definitely stay away

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Homare are on their first date after returning from the class trip. The destination is very Homare and I like where it ends up. It’s short but cute (if you ignore the sequel baiting)
  • Sequel: It’s the winter of the MC and Homare’s senior year, and they are managing to squeeze in moments between cram school schedules. One of the MC’s cram school teachers is also a student at a medical school Homare eventually wants to get into, and he takes an interest in the MC. This route is mostly about Homare, his family issues, and his insecurities, but the MC also has her share of troubles with her teacher and some other cram school conflicts. Since Homare is so arrogant, it is nice to see the MC supporting and affecting him
  • Three Years Later: Three years after the class trip and the MC and Homare are both at their desired universities. Homare is super busy between school and his part-time job so the MC gets to see him only rarely and for short periods of time. When the MC has to switch campuses she takes the opportunity to move into her own apartment, which happens to be close to Homare’s school. This route is sort of realistic, and not always in pleasant ways; for example the MC and Homare can’t spend all their time together and most of the time the MC just has to bear it (this issue gets resolved in the end), and there is a man who has to resign to give up on his dream (they try to soften this). Still, it’s a solid route and like seeing an MC find and pursue a passion. I also feel like Homare has softened, although he is still himself
  • Wedding: Both the MC and Homare are busy with their respective work but things have calmed down enough that Homare formally proposes. But when the MC joins Homare at a doctor’s gala, she wonders if she should quit her job to support Homare full-time. The MC has to put up with a bit in this route but there is a moment in this route that just shows how carefully Homare is paying attention to the MC and how much he treasures her

Notable substories:

  • Heart-pounding Halloween: Group A is invited onto a luxury cruiser for a Halloween event. Homare ends up dressed as a vampire and is challenged to a duel over the MC. It’s a cute substory, the MC is getting hit on (as usual for Homare’s routes) and Homare deals with things in his usual fashion (by showing the other guy up
  • After the Wedding Bells Ring…: After their wedding, Homare falls asleep, and then a couple days later Homare and the MC fill our and turn in their wedding registration. The first part is silly then sexy, and the second part is very sweet (and not always in a romantic way)

Recommended routes:


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