Haruka Utsunomiya


Plot Summary: The MC has been living above Long Island for a month and decides that she isn’t going to rely on Kunihiko to get her a job. While on her way to an interview she she is taken away by Haruka Utsunomiya, who is a famous ikebana artist, The MC ends up missing her interview and losing out on the job but shortly afterwards finds temporary work as a housekeeper… at the Utsunomiya household?!

What I think of him: Haruka is elegant and sexy. He has no concept of personal space and is usually too close to the MC before she realizes it. Even though he can pull a calm face, he also has a devilish side. He is adept at lying, both at coming up with lies on the spot and also at maintaining them for long periods. Haruka is a very observant and considerate person, and many of his lies stem from this consideration. He deeply loves ikebana and his life has essentially been dedicated to the art. He really appreciates tradition but doesn’t completely bow to its demands

Charm point: The sexy beauty mark beneath his eye

Quote: “Then I met you, and spent time with you. And I realized that I could be myself.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Suddenly have him right there, in the MC’s personal space

Would have eloped with:

  • Takao, because you can tell that he really likes the MC and his secret perv side is cute too

Favorite moments:

  • The MC and Haruka doing coupley things, like when Haruka asks the MC what shoes he should wear
  • Everyone hanging out at Long Island
  • The hot springs trip
  • Haruka finally telling the MC the truth about what’s happening with him
  • The Super Happy Ending (Haruka’s letter of introduction, his press conference, his show, and his confession)

Worst moments:

  • Haruka telling the MC to pay with her body. It was too aggressive, too soon for Haruka’s character and he doesn’t really act like that again in the route
  • Haruka telling the MC that she’s perfect to be his pretend fiance because he wouldn’t want his parents to like her

Worth the price of admission?: I feel like this one starts out a little rough but I really do like Haruka; he’s a great mix of proper and mischief and I love the way tradition is dealt with in his stories

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A month after Haruka’s exhibit and Haruka is busier than ever and the MC is living with him. One request he has received is from the Prime Minister of the Netherlands who wants Haruka to visit his country, and Haruka wants the MC to come with him. Haruka finally convinces the MC to get in the bath with him
  • Sequel: Haruka and the MC tell the Long Island guys and her family about their relationship. But before the Utsunomiya family can present the MC as Haruka’s fiance she must undergo domestic training. And the one who will oversee her training is Haruka’s grandmother, a woman even stricter than Haruka’s father. The MC deals with her insecurities about feeling like she’s from a different world from Haruka. I like how the route expects the MC to take time to learn what Haruka has spent his life learning. It’s also nice to see the couple earning everyone’s blessings for their relationship
  • Sequel Epilogue: Haruka and the MC spend a day relaxing together, talking about their past, and planning their future. This epilogue has a really relaxed pace and not much happens, but it manages to feel very sweet and reflective
  • Season 2 Main Route: The MC continues to take ikebana classes and Haruka’s grandmother arranges a special teacher for her. Karen is a first grader who is a relative of Haruka and has been taking a host of traditional classes since she was three. When a flood causes Haruka and the MC to move into the Utsunomiya household where Karen is also staying. This route has a theme of family; Karen and her father, Haruka and Karen, the MC and Haruka, Haruka and his father are especially featured. We get to hear about how Haruka grew up and see him projecting his past feelings of loneliness onto Karen, and the MC help both of them come to understandings with their fathers. Haruka’s interactions with Karen also have the MC thinking about her and Haruka’s future family which will be adorable I’m sure. Haruka also has to deal with some repercussions of having a ghost artist while his hand was paralyzed, and I like how they finished out that plot line. I like this route a bunch, not only is Haruka growing but the MC is such a great support for him. Also the CG of Haruka and Takao as teenagers is one of my favorite CGs
  • Season 2 Epilogue: The MC and Haruka’s first year anniversary is coming up but Haruka seems to have forgotten. This story again highlights the MC’s insecurities about marrying into Haruka’s family, but Haruka comforts her and shares some of his own insecurities and imperfections. It’s cute and sweet although it also feels short upon reflection

Notable substories:

  • The Perfect Husband: The MC’s brother comes to stay for a little while and the MC is concerns with how easily Haruka spends money. I love Haruka’s reaction to the MC’s actions. His childish delight is very characteristic of him
  • Watch Out for the Tricky Night: The guys decide to throw a Halloween party at Long Island. Since it’s Haruka’s first time celebrating Halloween he and the MC decide to go to Darget to get matching costume, cosplay ensues. I always love watching Haruka experience things for the first time, and Haruka is sexy as usual
  • Today he’s kind of… Haruka: (from Sweet Cafe) Basically Haruka gets drunk, sexiness ensues
  • Racing Heartbeat – Haruka: (from Sweet Cafe) The MC is in high school, on her way to school one morning she runs into and accidentally kisses Haruka, who happens to be a student transferring into her class. High school Haruka is adorable and he’s just as bold and cheeky as ever. Plus the MC’s reaction to the kiss on the cheek is cute
  • Be Mine – Haruka: (from Sweet Cafe) Haruka’s strange behavior has the MC concerned. It’s a cute story and his POV is sweet
  • Gold Medal Love – Haruka: (from Sweet Cafe) The MC is participating in her first ikebana contest and Haruka is her personal tutor. It is a lot sweeter and not as sexual as my summary makes it sound. I enjoyed getting to see Haruka doing the supporting

Recommended routes:


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