Plot Summary: The MC agrees to absolve the gods of their sins. Unfortunately neither she nor the gods know how she’s supposed to do so. Dui asks the MC to help him with his work since the gods are unable to use their powers unless they’re touching the MC. The MC chose Dui because he seemed to be the kindest of the gods, but he warns her that she must always be on alert around him.

What I think of him: Dui is gentle and kind. He believes in that humans have the ability to realize their mistakes and return to the correct path, and his work for the Department of Punishments reflect this belief. He dislikes confrontation and tends to seek a peaceful answer. He is self sacrificing and has a tendency to heavily blame himself for things. He has a sense of childlike wonder regarding the human world and is curious about the most ordinary of things. Dui also has a little bit of a mischievous side, frequently pulling pranks with Ichthys, and he enjoys teasing the MC. The other side of Dui’s personality is Shadow Dui, who exhibits Dui’s more aggressive tendencies and violent emotions. Dui doesn’t believe that his sin should be absolved.

Charm point: He can’t stop mentioning how cute the MC is

Quote: “When I think about you… something inside me aches in this bittersweet way that makes me feel like I could cry.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, all the time with entwined fingers

Would have eloped with:

  • Ichthys, because he’s always on the MC’s side and he’s rooting for her happiness. Plus he keeps telling Dui the most ridiculous things

Favorite moments:

  • Dui staying at the MC’s place to find out what the source of the mysterious noise is
  • Cherry pie
  • The MC fighting back against Shadow Dui in the reflection room
  • The MC chasing Dui into the other dimension
  • Both endings (but the Blessed Ending slightly more)

Worst moments:

  • I would have liked to see more the other gods
  • Dui’s split personality thing is right there on the main page but it takes a while to come out in the route. It felt like it should have been a plot twist but if so it shouldn’t be on the character page

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, Dui is my favorite of the gods and I like his story

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Ending Set Bonus: Dui sees something on TV about “more and more couples add spice to their love life with cosplay” and asks the MC what that means. Since he spent so much of his main route being sweet this is the first time that Dui’s mischievous side gets to shine
  • Epilogue: Dui and Shadow Dui press the MC about who she fell in love with first. This causes the MC to be hyper conscious of there being two Dui while they are out on their first date. The issue of Dui have two identities that do not share memories was something that had to be addressed. Both Duis are very sweet and it is nice seeing Shadow Dui being kind
  • Sequel: The investigation into the mastermind behind Dui’s friend’s sin is closing in on the culprit and one of the Dui’s friends is under suspicion. The king warns Dui that since his sin has been absolved, things may begin happening again and at the same time unfortunate events plague the MC. Dui does his best to man up and not run away from his troubles, and he also struggles to retain his trusting nature. I really love Dui and the MC’s sweetness when they are together. In this story Dui and Shadow Dui have fused and I wish that had happened at a time we could witness it. My other complaint is that there are some weird times when Dui’s sprite makes the Shadow Dui face
  • Ending Set Bonus: While talking to Ichthys, the MC realizes that she has never seen Dui jealous. Ichthys then disguises the MC as Scorpio and tries to get Dui jealous. Not only is it cute seeing Dui get jealous, but watching the tables get turned is funny as well.
  • Sequel Epilogue: Ever since resolving the matter in heaven Dui has been sweeter than ever. But the MC finds out that his sweetness has also made him super popular with other gods in heaven, including female goddesses.

Notable substories:

  • His POV: The main route from Dui’s POV. The best parts of this is being able to see inside Shadow’s Dui’s head and also getting to see how much Scorpio and Ichthys care about Dui. Watching things from his point of view reinforces how sweet Dui is, and I really love seeing how much he adores the MC. We didn’t get to see the scene where they’re in the between dimension which was disappointing but not a deal breaker.
  • Kiss & Kiss – Dui & Huedhaut: There is a Dui story and a Shadow Dui story, and they are both really short. The Dui one is cute but the Shadow Dui one had me squeeing.

Recommended routes:


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