My Last First Kiss

last first kiss

Company: Voltage

Cost: Pay per route

Synopsis: When she graduated middle school the MC confessed to her first love, Hiroki, who was five years her senior. He turned her down saying “maybe if she was more mature” and something more that she didn’t hear because of the rain. Six years later, the MC is working at a food company and is surprised when Hiroki arrives at her company as a new assistant director. She confesses that she still has feelings for him, and he offers to take her to a love hotel. She is shocked and hurt but her childhood friends (and her childhood nemesis), all of whom used to live in the same building, have all moved back and are around to comfort her, and maybe help her find her true love.

MC: The MC is twenty four years-old really naive and innocent. Since Hiroki rejected her she only had a short relationship with Riku but otherwise she knows nothing about romance. Even though she is somewhat ordinary she grew up surrounded by guys who became extraordinary and she was sort of their princess; although she doesn’t think of it that way. Since the guys (especially Ayato) took such good care of her she grew to rely on them. She’s not a very an independent person (she does live alone though), and she still has a very childish way of thinking. She has a simple, happy nature and is usually very upfront and honest. She can be stubborn though and once she decides on something (and it may not even been a conscious decision) it is hard to get her to change her mind.


  • Ayato Hidaka: He and the MC knew each other since they were four and he is now an actor. He’s very confident and outspoken. He’s pretty much a part of the MC’s family and even though they’ve only just reunited after years apart, he is still someone that the MC relies on.
  • Hiroki Eniwa: Five years the MC’s senior, he was her first love who she liked since childhood. He has a cool smile and projects a prince-like image but he is actually pretty sadistic and cunning.
  • Ichiya Misono: The MC’s nemesis since childhood. Because of an incident from when they were little, the MC simultaneously dislikes and fears him although he is part of her group of friends via mostly Ayato. He is ill-nature but is also the CEO of a business he started even though he is also only 24.
  • Makoto Morimachi: Just two years older than most of the crew, Makoto has always been like a big brother to the whole gang (minus Hiroki). He is kind and calm and good at being a keeper of the peace. He is currently a grad student studying food science.
  • Riku Morimachi: Riku is a year younger than the MC, Ayato, and Takamune and he’s also Makoto’s brother. He is the quiet, quirky one and tends to do what he wants and is easily fascinated. When the MC was a high school freshmen, she and Riku secretly dated for a couple of months but broke up before he entered high school. Since then they haven’t really spoken and he is now a “apprentice” photographer.
  • Takamune Kitami: Takamune was the last of the guys to join the group as a child, but eventually became Ayato’s best friend. He is very athletic with a passion for soccer but is pretty laid-back and passive about everything else. At the beginning of the game he is just making the move into the pro league.

Impressions: Even though all of the characters are in their twenties, this is still very much a game about growing up. In the case of the MC, it’s that she still thinks in pretty childish ways or, in some cases, is clinging to her childhood. There is also the fact that the character need to grow out of their childhood relationships. I really can’t emphasize enough how big of a theme growing up for this game.

The characters are supposed to be only recently reunited but I don’t really get the feeling that they were separated, in particular I’m thinking about the MC and Ayato. That may be because their reunions (for the most part) take place before the game starts and they’ve had time to resettle with each other. It can also be attributed to the fact that the MC is just stuck in her childhood relationships. In both routes thus far she has a realization that the guys have grown up and that they are different from how they were.

Some of Voltage’s games hook you with the premise, like Star-Crossed Myth. Although I think the whole “childhood friend teaching the MC about love after she is rejected by her first love” is interesting, I initially downloaded the game because I wanted to see how a childhood friend turn actor route would turn out. So overall I think the characters in this game are more attractive than the premise.

I feel sort of disappointed that the double good endings went away, especially since Voltage kept the paid “ending set”. Having two good endings made buying the ending set just a little more worth it. But for this game purchasing the ending set gives you access to a voiced (in Japanese) kiss video and a mini chapter that takes places before or after the video. The videos are actually a decent length, longer than anything Voltage has given out before, and have some decent moments (can’t take the kissing sound seriously though). The mini chapters are really just whatever though.

Oh, and one last thing, the MC has eyes in the CGs now. I noticed starting around Naomasa’s second season routes that Voltage is listening to the fan complains and actually giving their MCs eyes and it is wonderful.

Favorite Guy: Ayato Hidaka (but it’ll probably end up being Takamune)

Favorite Route: Ichiya Misono

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