Ichiya Misono


Plot Summary: The MC never got along with Ichiya but ends up working with him since his company was chosen to help her company with their 100th year anniversary project. The MC overhears Ichiya’s secretary, Ryoko, tell Ichiya’s vice president that she isn’t going to allow Ichiya to break up with her and that she’s going to cling to him. Shortly afterwards, Ichiya kisses the MC in front of Ryoko and Hiroki and tells the MC that she has to be his fake girlfriend. When she asks him why he chose her to be his girlfriend, Ichiya tells the MC it’s because she hates him and won’t fall in love with him.

What I think of him: Ichiya may look like a fox but he has more in common with an ill-tempered cat. He has a contrary nature and will always speak his harsher thoughts while he keeps any softer thoughts to himself. He is very logical and doesn’t do things without considering their benefits to him. He is a dictaor and has to have everything his way. He doesn’t take the time or see the point of listening to others, but since he is so logical if someone manages to make their opinion known and they’re right, he will follow their advice. Ichiya is very aware of his position (especially regarding his relationship with the MC and their friends) and of his nature. Ayato (among other characters) says that Ichiya is charmless, and it is true in the sense that he isn’t charming in a normal sense, but he does have his own Ichiya-esque charm.

Charm point: He always wanted to be part of the MC’s circle

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss (of course), on the rooftop

Would have eloped with:

  • Ayato, because he says ridiculous things, the young thespian

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC slaps Ichiya in his apartment
  • When Ichiya apologizes
  • The MC and Ichiya’s “lover’s spat” in front of Hiroki
  • The MC defending Ichiya to Ryoko at Conte
  • The “field trip” with the MC and all the guys
  • Ichiya’s employees calling the MC “BIg SIs” (like they’re a gang lol)
  • How the MC charges forward with Ichiya (thanks Ayato)
  • I adore how well the MC and Ichiya work together (by the end)
  • Ichiya’s confession in the Happy Ending is very… Ichiya…

Worst moments:

  • It takes a while to warm up to Ichiya
  • I wanted a little more of the other guys

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, if you like the cool type and are okay with the rough ride at the start, Ichiya is a good fit. I was worried after Ayato’s route that Ayato was too perfect for the MC and that none of the other guys would work as well with her but her dynamic with Ichiya (after she really begins to see him) is so awesome. In Ayato’s route you get a sense of how much the MC changes because of Ayato, but in this route Ichiya is the one who is changed by the MC. Hiroki says that they’re a perfect match in the route and I ended up agreeing

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • His POV: The main route from Ichiya’s point of view. Ichiya is very much himself in this story which is nice. There’s aren’t really any surprises when you consider his character, but I was surprised that he wasn’t always in love with the MC. He has always been very aware that she was afraid of him and he may have had a crush on her, but it is not like he was longing for her since they were children. It was kind of cute that he thinks of her as the other guys’ princess.
  • It’s a Date:

Notable substories:

  • Ichiya Childhood Story: This is a long story about the MC and Ichiya as they’re growing up. There are segments from both of their POVs which is great. You get to see their first meeting, the infamous roof incident, how Ayato got them to be okay with each other, and then the incident that destroyed their tenuous truce. The parts from Ichiya’s POV were a blessing and it helped me to understand and empathize with him more.

Recommended routes:


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