Nagisa Ichinose


Plot Summary: The MC gets the chance to sit next to teen idol, Nagisa. While talking talking about his performances with the other members of their group she says something that seems to offend him, but shortly afterwards he seems really attached to her. Because he’s being filmed the MC gets to have all sorts of once in a lifetime experiences, and she begins to like Nagisa more and more. But the MC has little hope that it would ever work our since it’s like they come from different worlds.

What I think of him: Nagisa’s personality is full of contradictions. He’s usually very calm and considerate. He tends to think deeply about somethings, although not ordinary things (he gets called a space cadet along with Yasuo). He also seems prone to doing rash things. Even though he is always thinking about the people around him, Nagisa seems to be going through this rebellious teen phase since he keeps acting out. To be sure he is a handful for his manager. Because he has played so many roles, he is good at a bunch of random things. Even though he has grown up as a celebrity, he yearns to both experience ordinary things and to work behind the screen instead of in front of it. Even though he is always being chased by fans, he seems to have spent a lot of time alone. He has a surprisingly possessive/jealous side and enjoys teasing the MC.

Charm point: His selfish side only comes out for/because of the MC

Quote: “Wherever I go, I hate it if you’re not there.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, down Angel Road, just wishing to remain together

Would have eloped with: No one, Nagisa hogs the spotlight in this one

Favorite moments:

  • The hotsprings (it was so cliche, random, and shoved in there)
  • When Homare tells Nagisa that Nagisa should be more informal around the group
  • The amusement park when Nagisa ends up cross dressing (too bad there isn’t a special sprite lol)
  • Nagisa getting seasick and asking to rest his head on the MC’s lap
  • Angel’s Road and the walk back (up until the Manager interrupts)

Worst moments:

  • This story is full of cliches, I love it but not much originality here
  • I know the Manager is a good guy and really cares for Nagisa almost like a brother, but it does not seem like it for most of the route. Instead, Ashiya feels like he’s intent on preserving Nagisa’s value as a product
  • The Manager’s stance on Nagisa and the MC changes way too fast

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, I love Nagisa and have all his routes, he’s an interesting take on a celebrity character and seeing him and the MC grow up is great.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The class trip is over and the MC and Nagisa are having their first date… at his house?! This is a cute (short) follow up to the main route. There’s a fair amount of Nagisa teasing the MC, he also messes with his Manager a little, and I like seeing Nagisa so serious about his work. The end bit is obviously a set up for the sequel and that’s a little obnoxious but the way Nagisa proposes things makes me happy.
  • Sequel: Although he was originally going just for work, Nagisa ends up enrolling in a talent school in America. The MC misses him but does her best to be supportive, and then she gets the chance to study abroad near where Nagisa is staying. But even though he is a national celebrity in Japan, breaking into a foreign entertainment scene isn’t easy. This route really changes things up. Usually, Nagisa breezes through challenges but this time he has to work hard to improve and break through. Nagisa is also usually calm and confident, and this time his vulnerability shows more and the MC has to support him and be his source of strength.
  • 3 Years Later: Nagisa is busier than ever with his acting career and also writing a book on the side and he asks the MC to move in with him so that they can spend more time together. But even though things are going well for Nagisa, he seems to be becoming more despondent and reflective of what he wants to do. And then he makes a big announcement, he’s going to retire from acting and charge full force towards his dream. Nagisa shows his tendency to keep things to himself again and the MC learns that sometimes she needs to do some charging herself to get him to depend on her. I feel like this one focuses less on the MC and Nagisa’s relationship (although the issue of him keeping things to himself is one of the main points) and is more about Nagisa struggling to follow his dream. The MC is pretty much just there to support him and we don’t really hear much about what she is up to if it doesn’t involve Nagisa. It’s an okay route so long as you aren’t expecting much romance.
  • Wedding: Nagisa is directing his first film for a competition in France. On his birthday he visits the MC in Japan and proposes to her. A while later the MC visits him in France. Things should be smooth sailing but even as he’s filming a movie about a man who leaves his longtime lover for a passionate French woman, an actress friend of Nagisa tells the MC that she won’t let her have him. I really dislike Maria. The route tries to excuse her in the end, but no; I’d rather see Ashiya end up with Naka. Nagisa also hits his low point as a character for me in this route, not enough for me to stop buying his stuff but I did purse my lips and shake my head. I recommend reading both endings as one gives you more a look at the wedding and the other focuses on the reception.
  • Honeymoon: Since they got married the MC and Nagisa have been separated since Nagisa is filming in America and the MC has her own job in Japan. The MC wishes she could support Nagisa more and decides to resign from her job and become a full-time housewife. When Nagisa returns he surprises her with a honeymoon trip to Yakushima Island. At the inn, they meet the dutiful son of the inn’s proprietress, who reminds Nagisa of himself when he was a child. Ignoring the MC’s work stuff, the route is cute, and it’s clearly setting up for the baby in the next route. The super happy ending (also called the Sweet Ending) is steamy and the Happy Ending (Romantic Ending) is cute.
  • Our Family: The MC is now a housewife. She finds pleasure in supporting Nagisa but her days feel a little empty. Then she and Nagisa decide it might be time for their little family to grow. But shortly after her pregnancy is confirmed the press finds out! We actually get to see a little more of the MC parents and it’s the first time in a main route that Nagisa’s mother is in there. This route spends a lot of time on the Mother-Child bond (the MC and her mother, the MC and her baby, and Nagisa and Namie). Nagisa shows is protective side and only gets steamy with the MC at the beginning and end of the route. At the end of the route I felt like Nagisa and the MC would be good, supportive, doting parents.

Notable substories: 

  • After the Wedding Bells Ring: After the wedding reception, Group A gather’s in the bridal suite for an after party. It’s a cute little story, and not only does the MC fall asleep in the middle of the gathering (on her wedding night) but all the guys admit they had a crush on the MC in high school (and Nagisa doesn’t react with jealousy!).

Recommended routes:


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