Taiga Kujo


Plot Summary: The MC is an established part of the Black Foxes, but one day the new Prime Minister decides that he’s will not overlook their activities as the previous PM did. Le Renard Noir is raided by the special forces, and the MC suffers a blow to the head while the Black Foxes are escaping and wanders off. She eventually collapses in the cold rain when Taiga comes across her. Taiga is an underground doctor and his services do not come cheap. Unable to pay for the treatment she received, the MC becomes Taiga’s assistant and helps him out at the clinic when she can. The MC doesn’t agree with Taiga treating any criminal so long as they can pay, but she can’t help but notice Taiga’s kindness and wonders why he is an unlicensed doctor.

What I think of him: Taiga seems cool and sophisticated but he is actually very kind, naiive, and shy. He’s a devoted doctor who dreams to have his own clinic and a doting big brother who likes to spoil his little brother. Since the event that caused him to become an underground doctor a year ago, he has sort of given up on clearing his name, and most of all.he really can’t forgive himself.

Charm point: He’s a bit of an airhead and usually takes things literally

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, in the hospital bed 😉 (For a shy guy, Taiga is sort of a beast)

Would have eloped with:

  • Riki, because he feels so guilty for the MC getting hurt and wants to help her out
  • Hyosuke, because he’s adorable and such a good brother

Favorite moments:

  • Taiga’s smile (and also when he blushes and puts his hand to his mouth)
  • The house visit/date with Taiga
  • The MC talking to Hyosuke about Taiga
  • The MC chasing Taiga to his inn and the ensuing date
  • Taiga pushing Hiro away because he’s jealous
  • Taiga’s former colleague tattling on him (lol) (okay, basically this whole hospital scene is great)

Worst moments:

  • The MC’s feelings about working to help criminals feel artificial and tepid, as though it is just there to drive conflict rather than express the MC’s genuine emotions
  • I don’t like the dream sequences, the last one is okay but the first two are too obvious

Worth the price of admission?: Yes! Taiga is one of my top Voltage guys, he’s so adorable and earnest

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Even though they’re dating, the MC and Taiga have been so focused on getting his clinic ready that they haven’t had a chance to go out. Then Taiga proposes that they go on a date. When they do the MC can’t help but notice that Taiga keeps checking his watch and wonders if he really wants to be there with her. This one really showcases Taiga’s adorable and awkwardness. Also, the MC gets to return the favor and nurse Taiga back to health.
  • Sequel: Just as Taiga’s clinic is opened, he hears news that a new medication that could have treated the girl he failed to save will soon be available in Japan. But the medicine’s release is being held up by a politician and when the Black Foxes go to recover it they find that someone stole it before them. This story really resolves Taiga’s conflict from the main route and gives a much better sense of closure. Taiga and the MC are being their adorable selves (you can really feel the love), Taiga gets a thief outfit, and the MC does awesome things too. It’s an excellent follow up and I really recommend the sequel if you liked the main route.
  • Sequel Epilogue: Things are back to normal again but while they’re out on a date the MC realizes that she and Taiga might be in a rut. Determined to make him fall in love with her all over again, she begins to secretly take bread baking classes. The beginning of this epilogue is just okay, but it get really good after the MC and Taiga make up in the second chapter.

Notable substories:

  • Racing Heartbeat – Taiga: (On Sweet Cafe) The MC and Taiga are riding the train home after a date when they have a little fight. These two show their similarities and also their cuteness in this mini story.
  • Be Mine – Taiga: (On Sweet Cafe) Taiga is walking the MC back to her place and the MC can’t help but notice that he’s acting very strange. This mini story is super adorable, especially in his POV when you get to see Riki and Hiro messing with him.

Recommended routes:


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