Luke Foster


Plot Summary: Trapped in Dubai because she was suspected of terrorism, the MC is working in the new Tres Spades location and being mercilessly worked by the penthouse guys. One day a new face entered the penthouse, Luke Foster, an underground doctor who went to boarding school with Soryu and Eisuke. The MC is weirded out by Luke’s eccentricities but then she is ordered to be Luke’s assistant.

What I think of him: Luke is a super devoted doctor to the point that preforming surgeries is the only thing he really cares about, and he seems to be merely existing rather than living. He doesn’t eat and subsists off of vitamins, water, and IVs. He does care about his school friends, Soryu and Eisuke, and he is surprisingly good at dealing with them. He can be an airhead at times and always takes things at his own pace. He is usually sleep deprived and can frequently be found passed out on the floor of his operating room. He seems like a different person while operating and he often doesn’t remember what happens directly before or after performing a surgery.

Charm point: He thinks the MC has the sexiest collarbones

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Let him nibble on the MC’s collarbone

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Luke calling the Baba “Micchy”, and Baba calling Luke “LuLu”.
  • When the MC forced Luke to rest and eat
  • Luke nursing the MC while she’s sick
  • “Pain is such a strong feeling… and it lets me really know, strongly, that I’m alive.”
  • Cuddling in the penthouse. I knew it would end the way it did (lol)
  • Luke ignoring Eisuke and Soryu when they’re trying to lecture him

Worst moments:

  • Luke felt unnecessarily harsh during the middle part of the route, or at least that’s how I feel since he is so great a fun at other points in the route
  • The route felt short like the chapters were ending shortly after they started. After checking the time it took me to read this route, it took me less time to read than other Voltage main routes
  • I wish there was more

Worth the price of admission?: His route is different from the other penthouse boys. But sure, when  he’s not being gloomy Luke is adorable and great fun. I do prefer Taiga’s route better though if you need an underground doctor

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC begins to worry that Luke only loves her for her collarbones and at the same time she begins to catch him constantly staring at a letter that Victoria left behind. Since Luke is so obsessed with the MC’s collarbones, I think this route was nice confirmation for us and for her that Luke actually loves her. Plus, Luke interacting with the penthouse guys is gold.
  • Sequel: Luke is working as the in-house doctor at Tres Spades Dubai and has also reopened his back alley clinic. But after a talk with the MC he begins to question why he’s preforming surgeries and refuses to take more jobs. Since Luke is over wishing he was dead I enjoyed this more than the main route, especially since you get to see him interacting with the other guys more (seeing him strong arm Eisuke or blow him off is super enjoyable). I think Luke’s struggles in this route are more interesting than his grief in the first one too. Both the MC and Luke do a bit of growing into their relationship and progress is always nice to see. If you liked Luke’s route at all, you will enjoy this one as well. Also, I recommend reading both endings because the Happy Ending is more romantic and the Good Ending is super funny.
  • Sequel Epilogue: Rumors are spreading about there being a haunted room in the hotel and Eisuke orders Luke to move into the room in question until he figures out what’s happening. Luke agrees, so long as he can take the MC along. This was a fun story (the premise sounds like the basis for a substory), at one point the MC completely looses it and Luke gets to show off his competent side (which is nice since the MC so frequently ends up babysitting him). The end was definitely a set up for the next route though…
  • Proposal: To the MC’s surprise, a Tres Spades has opened in London and she is to start working there immediately, which getting to live with Luke in his home. The days with Luke are blissful and the MC feels like they are becoming closer than every, but one day Luke receives a threatening note and shortly afterwards someone pushes the MC down a flight of stairs. Her injuries are minor except that she has no memory of the last year or of Luke at all. This route sort of has a lot going on and it doesn’t feel like there is a solid plot but rather a couple of smaller ones. I did appreciate that it was the MC to get amnesia instead of Luke and it was a pretty bittersweet part of the route. The MC is great in this one, learning how to handle Luke so well that even Eisuke and Soryu praise her and at one point she looses her temper and frightens them all
  • Proposal Epilogue: The MC get a promotion to the front desk but is having trouble keeping up with learning her new position and answering the demands of the penthouse guys. She doesn’t want to share her troubles with Luke since he is also busy setting up his own clinic on top of working at the hotel and preforming black market surgeries. This was a nice turn since the MC is usually the grounded one who is trying to keep Luke from running himself into the ground and here Luke is the one to help give the MC some support

Notable substories:

  • His Heart: The MC pushes Luke away when he is trying to pin her down, and after bumping his head Luke is an entirely different person. The new Luke is attentive, sociable, and gets along fabulously with Baba, plus he actually eats on his own and works out. There is definitely something to be said about how couply she feels with this new Luke, but it isn’t long until she is missing her old Luke. This is really wacky at first and it made me feel sad when the MC was so into the way Luke changed since that’s just not the person she fell for, but the end is really great and pretty steamy

Recommended routes:


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