Ayato Hidaka


Plot Summary: The MC is slowly coming to the realization that she, all her childhood friends, and Hiroki have all grown up. But that doesn’t change her depression over her second rejection. She even goes so far as to say that she will never find anyone when Ayato explodes at her for never trying to really do anything to get what she wants. That wakes the MC up and she asks Ayato to make her into a lady.

What I think of him: Ayato is sure of himself and pushy. He’s good at pretty much everything he does which has made him seem fickle, but he is also hardworking. He has been around the MC since she was three so they are close to the point of being siblings. Since they’ve always been together he feels a (subtle) sense of ownership over the MC. He has always helped the MC out when she needed it. He’s fairly straightforward and he doesn’t lie since he usually says what comes to his mind as soon as he thinks it.

Charm point: To the MC, he used to be crybaby Little Aya

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, on the beach (too obvious?), or hold hands with interlaced fingers

Would have eloped with:

  • Hiroki (I know I’m amazed too because I wanted to burn him after the prologue), because it’s clear that he’s got a lot of complicated feels and has probably always felt that the MC liked Ayato over him
  • Makoto, because “It’s a bit lonesome… Always playing the brotherly role”
  • Takamune, because the date was adorable

Favorite moments:

  • The date with Takamune
  • The end of the flashback of Ayato moving
  • The bar scene with Ayato and Hiroki
  • The Snow White flashbacks
  • Beach party
  • The press is so not sleazy in this, they take Ayato at his word and Hiroki is able to get them to back off (for the most part)
  • I like how open everyone is about Ayato’s relationship. Mostly when one of the guys is famous they have to keep the relationship a secret, but he let’s everyone know the MC is his childhood friend and his agency is like “go ahead, announce your relationship to the world”. Super refreshing
  • The beach scene in the Happy Ending (“The you I knew as a child, and the you I know now… I want to wrap them all together and make them all mine.”)

Worst moments:

  • When they are getting close and Ayato backpedals by saying it’s practice
  • Ayato completely dominates the MC. It’s to the point that depending on him is so ingrained in her that it’s hard to picture how she lived while they were out of contact (and I don’t really believe they were separated and only recently reunited)
  • I don’t know if I actually like the MC. There are times where I do, but at other moment when I find her irritating(?). I do feel like she gets better as the route goes on and she does show very good character development. Definitely not one of my favorite MCs though.

Worth the price of admission?: It’s a good route. I wasn’t particularly blown out of the water but I enjoyed it. The voiced video was nice too, although the art was pixely at moments.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • HIs POV: The main route from Ayato’s perspective. It begins earlier than the main route with Ayato meeting with the MC again after moving back. It acknowledges that Ayato spoiled the MC and made her too reliant on him, and it explores his sense that the MC’s is his (because he knows her best). The best part is seeing how much impact the MC has on him and how important she (and their friends) are as a stabilizing force in Ayato’s life. If you like Ayato, this is really worth it
  • It’s a Date: This is basically an epilogue. Since Ayato made the public announcement that he’s dating an “ordinary girl” he and the MC haven’t had the chance to see each other very much, and when they do there is a little bit of awkwardness. The MC is fretting about their relationship, especially since Ayato won’t come up to her apartment anymore. Then Ayato proposes that they go on a date the next chance they get. Ayato is wonderfully himself and the MC is also very much herself (for worse in the beginning but just like the main route, she improves as it goes on). Both of them come to important realizations about what their new relationship means and learn the importance of communication. The actual date, when they get to it, is cute.

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes:


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