Keiichi “Byron” Tokiwa


Plot Summary: Keiichi, a professional stylist, comes by the MC’s apartment and immediately begins to get buddy-buddy with the MC. Soon they are talking frequently and having girls’ nights. Noticing that the MC doesn’t pay much attention to her appearance, Keiichi offers to give her style tips. As she spends more and more time with Keiichi, the MC begins to feel something more than platonic friendship for her self proclaimed “older sister”.

What I think of him: Keiichi is flamboyant, energetic, and effeminate. He’s very touchy-feely and doesn’t really observe other people’s personal space. He is very confident in his work and he has worked hard to make it to where he is now. He seems to like taking care of people and sometimes just can’t leave a person alone; he would probably claim that he has a big sister type personality. He also likes to tease people. He’s a little insecure and sensitive about certain things because of an event in his past, and he tends to run away from his personal problems rather than dealing with them. At times he can be surprisingly manly.

Charm point: He knows the MC is cute and wants to help her show the world

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Glomp, initiated by Keiichi. It’s almost his signature move

Would have eloped with:

  • Masaomi, because his presence just feels significant (hearing him play music, getting advice from him)

Favorite moments:

  • The closet check scene
  • Keiichi’s manly scenes (like the molester, the elevator, and the piggyback scenes)
  • The end of Chapter Eleven (all my tears)
  • Ren Shiina was a sweetheart and a gentleman and if he had a route this would have been in the “eloped with” section
  • The MC is awesome in this route. She is so optimistic, motivated, and so very brave. In the other routes she has trouble at work, but she is already past that in this one and rocking her job
  • Mitsuko is also an awesome friend (the girls killed it in this route)

Worst moments:

  • Keiichi taking the MC to the bar feels like it comes out of nowhere
  • There is so much emphasis on the MC getting prettified in all aspects. I mean, not even her pajamas are safe from criticism. I love cute clothes but comfy, ratty pajamas should be sacrosanct

Worth the price of admission?: Keiichi is very different from most Voltage guys, but I think he is very interesting. If you aren’t exclusively into bossy manly men and think he sounds interesting, give Keiichi a try.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Even though they are dating the MC and Keiichi haven’t done anything more than kiss, and it’s the MC’s fault. It’s not that she doesn’t want to get more intimate with her boyfriend, it’s just that she gets super nervous whenever he switches from his usual Byron mode to his manly Keiichi mode. But when Keiichi’s older sister unexpectedly comes for a visit from Hiroshima, Byron is in Keiichi mode all the time. This was a cute follow up to the main route. It brings up an interesting, potential conflict between Keiichi and his family which is never to be heard of again. It’s too bad that his “heavy Hiroshima accent” doesn’t have any way to translate because it would have added something to the experience.
  • Sequel: After making an appearance on TV, Keiichi is suddenly inundated with offers from work ranging from more TV appearances to working with a top model. He is busier than ever and the MC almost never gets to see him but doesn’t feel that she should complain since he’s making strides towards his goal of working at Japan’s Fashion Week. When things get even busier at her work, the MC has even less time to see Keiichi and she begins to feel as though the distance between them has grown. Keiichi’s a bit self centered in this one. There’s one moment especially (-10%) that I was really beginning to dislike him, but he climbs up into my good graces in the end. The MC learns that she needs to open up to him a little more, and she teaches him even more than he teaches her, which is awesome.
  • Sequel Epilogue: Just before they leave for a three day vacation in Paris, France, Keiichi publicly nixes the idea of living together with the MC. In Paris, they meet up with a designer that Keiichi admires and the designer has an emergency which ends up making the pleasure trip into a business one. Again the MC is really great and supportive, and this time Keiichi learns that he needs to open up and depend on her (which is excellent since she is super reliable).

Notable substories:

  • His POV – Keiichi: The main route from Keiichi’s POV. In the main route Keiichi says something to the effect that he got involved with the MC because he pegged her as a country-hick and couldn’t leave her alone. I was glad to see that he never actually thought that in his POV; he actually thought the MC was always adorable and got a kick out of teasing her. It was interesting to see how much he keep repeating “she’s a little sister to me” to himself, even when it was obvious that he was beginning to feel something more. This substory really informs a lot of his actions like why he suddenly took the MC to the bar (Masaomi I could hug you) and what got him to meet the MC at the station at the end.

Recommended routes:


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