White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Plot Summary: When the MC visits the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter they both say that the White Rabbit is the most likely murder of the Queen. When the MC does meet the White Rabbit, she is surprised by how devoted he is to the Queen even though he knows that she will never return. She becomes attached to the White Rabbit and his devotion to the Queen begins to bother her. Additionally, the Cheshire Cat keeps hinting that there is something that the MC doesn’t know about White Rabbit.

What I think of him: The White Rabbit is calm, kind, and gentle. His role is to serve the Queen and care for her roses, and he has also been given the Cheshire Cat’s role of watching over the Door. He is super devoted to his duties, and he has an extremely formal attitude and posture. Since he is so single-mindedly devoted to his roles he sometimes comes off as cruel.

Charm point: He actually does love white roses

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, because the best moments are those when he and the MC and right up next to each other

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • “It’s my job to love the roses but… for them to hurt you, that’s something that shouldn’t happen.”
  • The Cheshire Cat’s tea party
  • The glowy CG
  • The White Rabbit’s human appearance

Worst moments:

  • Everyone is so horrible
  • Why is the MC so okay with Alice after saying that she will never forgive Alice?
  • Why does the MC wait to go back in the Happy Ending, I don’t understand

Worth the price of admission?: If you play it for free and don’t have anything else to play, go ahead

Recommended routes:


3 thoughts on “White Rabbit

    • There is a walkthrough for this game on this site. It should be the latest post if you hit the Alice: Love & Labyrinth tag. (Responding on my phone so I can’t give you a link atm.)


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