Alice: Love & Labyrinth


Game is no longer available

Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free, pay for individual routes, or buy all three routes in a bundle

Synopsis: The MC listlessly goes through the motions of everyday life, not getting attached to anything or anyone. On her way to school one day she meets a girl named Alice who shows her through a door. The MC then wakes up in Wonderland, a kingdom where no one ever dies and everyone has a role, which is essentially their reason for living. As a newcomer she has no role, and no one can give her one since the Queen of Hearts, who assigned roles, was recently murdered. It is suggested that until she is given a role, she should discover who murdered the Queen. There are three primary candidates all kings in their own right: the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter.

You can find a walkthrough for this game on my tumblr HERE.

MC: The MC is an ordinary high school girl from our world who isn’t really invested in anything. She goes to a prestigious school and plays tennis, but that is all at the insistence of her parents, She doesn’t really have any friends because she feels like no one would get her but she is just putting up unnecessary walls between herself and others. She is very passive in general, but when she gets to Wonderland she does begin to speak up and out. She figures out pretty quickly that there is something odd about Wonderland and its inhabitants and that she doesn’t want to stay there.


  • Cheshire Cat: A cheerful and lively cat man and the King of Diamonds. He had his role revoked and is reviled by the townsfolk as a criminal.
  • Mad Hatter: The sadistic (seeming) and angry Kind of Clubs. His role is to hate the Queen of Hearts, and he well thought of by the townsfolk. He loves tea and tea related objects.
  • White Rabbit: A serious but kind man with rabbit ears and the King of Spades. His role is to care for the roses and to serve the Queen of Hearts. He seems very gentle but is feared by the townsfolk.

Impressions: This game is heavily “inspired” by Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~ . It has it’s own variations on the idea (like Wonderland being a terrible place), but you can see the similarities all to easily. It’s a pretty game, and the CG are plentiful.

This game is also short, although longer than The Seal of Lycoris as it has nine-ish chapters per character. You can definitely feel how short the game is upon reflection, and it is obvious that the story isn’t as fleshed out as it could be. It definitely feels like it is only hitting the bare essentials as far as a plot goes. The character profiles are super interesting though, especially the part about the cards.

There are lots of confusing moments with what are probably translation/editing issues. Additionally, the characters frequently come off as jerks (when you’re not in their route or if they are a side character). Recently Koyonplete has made visual novels without any choices and this game has choices, but very few of them.

If you like Alice in Wonderland inspired games and can’t afford Alice in the Heart, then try out this. Except I highly recommend playing it for free instead of spending money on it. It’s an okay game but not worth your money unless you really love one of the characters.

Favorite Guy: Cheshire Cat

Favorite Route: Cheshire Cat

If You Like This Game Try: 


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