Tomoyuki Abe


Plot Summary: Since Cain attacked Tomoyuki and Yuie killed everyone else on the subway, the MC decides to listen to Tomoyuki and no trust either of them. She and Tomoyuki manage to escape and after they hole up in his apartment, Tomoyuki places a barrier so they can’t be found by their pursuers. But Tomoyuki has already been bitten bu Cain and is slowly changing into a vampire. He remains determined to protect her, just as he promised someone long ago, but the MC is helpless to do anything for him.

What I think of him: Tomoyuki is a slightly older, distant relative of the MC. He has known her since she was little and has always adored her. He dotes on her and usually is very brotherly and gentle. He can be a little overbearing (IMO) since he is always doing what he thinks is the best for the MC without consulting her. He intelligent, teaching at the MC’s university while furthering his own studies, and has an interest in the occult to the point that his dissertation is about vampires. He keeping the MC safe is the most important thing to him, and he has repressed his urges regarding her for a long time.

Charm point: He doesn’t care what happens to him so long as the MC remains happy and alive

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, because he can no longer suppress his desire

Would have eloped with: No one, I’ll stick with Tomoyuki all the way

Favorite moments:

  • Tomoyuki chaining himself to the desk so he won’t sexually assault the MC
  • The MC unchaining Tomoyuki so he can assault her
  • Love his voice (when he’s not screaming)
  • Falling asleep holding hands
  • When Tomoyuki says that you are a young lady now and asks how you see him
  • “Even if I can’t live with you because I am a vampire, I want you to… live your life to the fullest. That would be enough as my salvation.”

Worst moments:

  • The MC tells Tomoyuki to “pull yourself together” a couple times in the begins when he is bleeding out from a vampire attack… It’s probably a weird translation thing, but still…
  • I don’t tend to harp on translation errors, but there’s just slightly too many for me to overlook
  • Tomoyuki sure spends a lot of the beginning screaming
  • Getting Tomoyuki’s Good Ending is absurdly hard because the answer choices are terribly hard. The key information you need to make the correct decisions come after the answer choices and not in the options themselves. The answer choices must not make sense to Koyonplete since the same answers have different point values on different versions…
  • The SP chapter is so freaking long. There are some great parallels with Tomoyuki and Cain in there but it’s just so freaking long. I would have preferred if it was broken up and mixed into the route instead of tacked on after the ending

Worth the price of admission?: So these routes are much shorter than Voltage and Solmare routes at 7 chapters, an ending, and the (stupidly long) SP. You can play this for free which makes it not feel so short, or even save a bunch of jewel (like for a couple of months) and read through in one go. You can also buy the route or the Gold Novel Pass which give you access to all three characters. I played through free the first time and then bought the Gold Novel Pass, because I like Tomoyuki so much that I would almost pay $7.99 just for him, the other two guys are just a bonus for me.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): There isn’t anything.

Notable substories: Still nothing.

Recommended routes:


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