Plot Summary: The MC starts bridal training in order to marry King Jean, but she doesn’t really have feelings for the king. Jean comes up with idea to have a love potion made so he asks Niflheim’s greatest scientist, J.J. the zombie, to create one. Unfortunately things do not go well. The King decides it’s because J.J. doesn’t understand love and the MC decides that she will help him understand the emotion and slowly end up becoming his assistant.

What I think of him: A serious, yet curious scientist. If he doesn’t understand something he wants to figure it out right away, usually through some sort of experiment. He believes that everything can be explained. Sometimes he gets so into his research or experiments that he forgets to eat or care for himself. Jokes and such usually go above his head since he takes things literally. As he is a zombie, his skin is prone to falling off.

Charm point: He doesn’t know what love is, scientifically

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Experiment together, he needs someone to keep an eye on him

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The simulation date
  • When J.J. tries to show the MC what is implied to be porn
  • How the MC makes charts to show J.J. how he should spend his time
  • The MC standing up to the zombie politician and J.J. protecting her
  • The MC becoming J.J.’s assistant and being useful
  • J.J. being impressed by the Pumpkin Prince being able to jump

Worst moments:

  • Jean is sort of a jerk
  • When the court laughs at J.J. when he asks Jean to introduce him to a lady
  • The mean and sleazy zombie politician. There wasn’t even really a point in him being around
  • J.J. trying to cut the MC open with a scalpel. It’s sort of funny but also horrifying

Worth the price of admission?: J.J. is cute in that he is so serious and tries to look at everything from a scientific point-of-view.  The MC makes a good match for him in this route in that she’s curious enough to go along with his experiments, but she is also grounded enough to watch out for his health. Jean unfortunately is a jerk this time around, but if you’d like to see some silly experimentation paired with some touching moments, this route might work well for you

Notable substories:

  • Pitch Black Night: A very short story about the coming of a pitch black night. J.J. is particularly adorable in this one
  • Kiss Plus – J.J.: Tired of his love potion, Jean commands J.J. to make a kissing potion. But when J.J. creates a sample, the MC accidentally gets a big whiff of it and loses control. This is super cute with both J.J. and the MC going on the offensive

Recommended routes:


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