Kakeru Kamui


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Kakeru because she knew him already and he immediately pawns her off on his brother, Meguru. The MC wants to live for another ten days so she can be there for her sister when she gives birth. Kakeru tells the MC that there is no point in her acting like such a “good girl” when she is going to die soon, but inevitable he is drawn to that quality and her sassiness. However, Meguru also seems to be drawn to the MC, and she worries that prolonging her life may just be causing trouble for the devils.

What I think of him: Kakeru is the crown prince of the Demon Realm and was raised to those high standards, and he is therefore very strict with himself and with others. He is an elite and is good at almost everything he tries his hand at and is very arrogant about it. He prefers to do things on his own and isn’t good at asking for things. He is bossy (his favorite saying is that he requires “absolute obedience”) and doesn’t know how to handle beings that won’t follow his orders, like children and dogs. His hobby is studying human sayings.

Charm point: He is ticklish and the MC is the only one that knows

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, the MC’s first one and all that follow

Would have eloped with:

  • Meguru, because he likes the MC and wants to run away with her, but will stand back and see her be happy with Kakeru
  • Shiki, because does so much to help the MC out and he risks his life so she and Kakeru can be together

Favorite moments:

  • Kakeru thanking the MC while carrying her to her room
  • The MC is great in this route and I love all the time she sasses and gets angry at Kakeru
  • Lunch and bowling with the MC and Kakeru
  • “Even if I lose everything else, I don’t want to lose you, your warmth.”
  • All of Shiki’s insults
  • Kakeru’s confession
  • When the MC tells Kakeru to “make me yours”
  • The guys spying on the MC and Kakeru when they’re about to have sexy-time

Worst moments:

  • “Her feelings don’t matter”
  • Kakeru accusing the MC of seducing Meguru in order to live longer
  • Rein’s accent is unnecessarily heavy and hard to read in this route
  • Sometimes the cuts between scenes are super abrupt and it makes you think you missed something

Worth the price of admission?: Yes, there are some mechanical issues in this route (abrupt scene changes) but the MC is great and perfect for Kakeru

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC moves out of the Demon House and she and Kakeru continue to work together and date. In thanks for everything they’ve done for her and her baby, the MC’s sister gives them tickets to a hot spring resort. This epilogue doesn’t really have much conflict but it is very sweet since Kakeru and the MC are being their cute, coupley selves
  • Dating a Demon:Takes place before the epilogue. The MC decides to move out of the Demon House and into her own apartment. She’s a little lonely but Kakeru comes over frequently. In fact, since she moved out Kakeru seems even more intent on pleasing her. The MC is enjoying his extra attention but is also worried about why he is pushing himself. It’s a little strange to see Kakeru being so unconditionally kind, but there are lots of cute moments between him and the MC.
  • Sequel: The MC has moved back into the Demon House and she and Kakeru have been all lovey-dovey. Kakeru receives an invitation to an annual ball in the Demon Realm, and he decides that this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the MC to society. But all is not well in the Demon Realm; recently someone sneaked into the angel armory and stole a poison that can seal a demon’s power. I think this is the first time the MC realizes what it means to be dating the crown prince of the Demon Realm, especially considering the way most demons perceive humans. This route has a bit of action and danger so you get to see Kakeru being manly and protecting the MC, but equally nice is the fact that the MC ultimately saves the day.
  • Wedding: Kakeru proposes to the MC, and she goes to the Demon Realm to undergo princess training. The MC feels a lot of pressure to become a bride worthy of Kakeru. Kakeru is also super busy with princely things but he frequently stops in to tell her to take things at her own pace and not overwork herself. Since the number of souls being toasted and reincarnated don’t match, Kakeru made a treaty with the Angel Realm. However, the treaty is not popular with the citizens of the Demon Realm and they begin to protest against the monarchy. Kakeru insists that the MC shouldn’t worry and that he will solve everything, but all the MC wants is to be of help to her beloved. In this one Kakeru learns to depend more on the MC and to talk about his troubles. The plot was a bit whatever for me (it was well selected to show the change Kakeru’s character had undergone throughout his routes though), but all in all I felt very satisfied seeing him and the MC married.

Notable substories:

  • A Devil Halloween Party: It’s Halloween, and there are rumors going around that the Demon House is haunted and the MC comes up with a plan that involves Kakeru entering a costume contest. This is cute since Kakeru has a sort of dorky moment and all of the guys team up to mess with him a little. Kakeru is Dracula and it suits him very well
  • If He was Your… Part 1: The MC is Kakeru’s college senpai and the manager of his swim club, It’s cute seeing Kakeru as the younger one even though he is still as bossy as usual.

Recommended routes:


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