Haruhito Amano


Plot Summary: The MC picks Haruhito because he looks laid-back, but Haruhito turns her down since he is for toasting her immediately. Kakeru tells Haruhito that he has to watch over the MC and that Cerberus, Haruhito’s dog, is attached to the MC. The MC asked to live for ten days because she is supposed to play the piano at her friend’s wedding. The MC feels like she and Haruhito are getting closer, but then she overhears him saying that he only thinks of her as a toastee. Additionally, the devils keep mentioning how she’s the “ten thousandth” and no one will tell her what it means.

What I think of him: Haruhito is a weird one. He does things at his own pace and frequently causes trouble and then proceeds to run away. A lot of the time he doesn’t thing before he does/says things, and he doesn’t really care about the opinion of others. He is also earnest, childish, silly, and free-spirited. He is always the first to propose a party. He believes in fate and that struggling to change the outcome is futile. He loves his pet/partner Cerberus and was Rein’s partner when he was an angel.

Charm point: He always wants the MC to smile and will act to make it happen

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Run away together, holding hands

Would have eloped with:

  • Rein, because he is such a great friend to Haruhito, and he talks to the MC seriously
  • Shiki, because he is also such a great friend, and it’s obvious how much he worries about those he cares about

Favorite moments:

  • Iori meeting Haruhito
  • Haruhito siccing Cerberus on Rein and Cerberus’s commands in general
  • When Haruhito is being a ditz (especially the glasses thing)
  • Haruhito’s omelettes and his song
  • The MC’s resolve to be toasted, and Haruhito getting angry because of it
  • The “archenemy named Fear: conversation
  • The aftermath of Shiki’s mind control (hurts so good)
  • “You became more important than being an angel, a demon, or myself.”

Worst moments:

  • Kakeru pushing the MC and being mean to her during his fight with Meguru
  • Haruhito punches the MC. Who does that?!
  • Convenient conversations between Haruhito and Shiki are convenient
  • Haruhito says he’s going to keep pretending he forgot but then he acts like he remembers and the devils don’t notice for a while
  • The ten day fate database rule was convenient

Worth the price of admission?: If you like characters like Haruhito then go for it, but he is such an odd one that he definitely isn’t for everyone

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Haruhito is living with the MC and the money from her job is stretched tight supporting the two of them. A chance encounter sees Haruhito hired at a flower shop. Now, Haruhito is busier than ever, and the MC feels lonely and a little neglected. A lot of this route is spent with the MC upset/uneasy around Haruhito, so all the cute moments are at the beginning and end. The end is pretty sweet but except for something that happens at the end, which is important to the plot of the sequel, there is really no reason to get this.
  • Dating a Demon: This takes place between the main route and the epilogue. Since Haruhito is now human he has to move out of the Demon House and in with the MC. At first the MC is super excited to be living with Haruhito, but soon she begins to worry about how he has been cut off from his previous life and can no longer even visit the devils. This story is much better than the epilogue, with more interesting emotional complexity on the part of both the MC and Haruhito. This one is full of touching and sweet moments.
  • Sequel: Conflict between the Demon and Angel Realms is building so Kakeru asks Haruhito to return to the Demon House since he understands both sides. He is also given the opportunity to returning to being an angel or a devil. Haruhito is till struggling with his identity issues brought up in the Dating a Devil route, and it is wonderful to see the MC support him. Haruhito is all over the MC as usual so there are lots of coupley moments but mostly it is nice to see how much Haruhito has changed from his first route.

Notable substories:

  • A Devil Halloween Party: A rumor that the Demon House is haunted has been started by kids at a local kindergarten school. The MC and Haruhito are sent to befriend the kids and stop the rumors. To get into the school Haruhito plans to have the MC be a magician. This is a cute substory both on Haruhito’s part and that of the kids.

Recommended routes:


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