Satoru Kamagari


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Satoru to watch over her because she thinks he has a kind smile… The reason she wants another ten days is because her parents are away and she wants to spend a little time with them before she dies. She is shocked to learn that Satoru isn’t as kind as he first seemed, and the two of them find themselves at odds in how they think.

What I think of him: Satoru is a professional. He is charming when he needs to be and has a great working ethic. He is probably the hardest working of the devils considering that he worked his way to his position entire on his own. He can see the futures of humans and uses this power for his own benefit by seeing who will be useful to him and only pursing those connections. Most of the time the connections he purses are with women. Because of how he grew up he is distrustful of others. Additionally, Satoru is possessive, bossy, and his jealousy is easily aroused.

Charm point: He is technology illiterate, like he can’t even work a remote for the television

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, because Satoru is always making a move

Would have eloped with:

  • Meguru, because he helps the MC out and tells her everything she needs to know

Favorite moments:

  • Teaching Satoru how to use the computer
  • Satoru choosing to nurse the MC over chasing Akane and the teasing that ensues
  • The quest for the pirate ship (and that the prizes are from Pirates in Love)
  • “We’re going to die on the same day”
  • It is so apparent how the MC influenced Satoru and it’s great

Worst moments:

  • Satoru getting angry that the MC rejects him but went into the VIP room with another guy
  • I don’t believe that Satoru would forget his dinner promise with the MC, maybe before the computer scene but definitly not after (and he even reminded her about it)

Worth the price of admission?: Satoru’s route is rough at first but the MC has a quick effect, and once Satoru starts trusting the MC this route is pretty cute

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC has to stay late at work with a coworker and she has no way of letting Satoru know since he doesn’t have a cell phone. Satoru is jealous and upset and the next day he invites Akane up to his room. This epilogue is cute. Satoru was really sweet towards the end of his route, but here he makes a complete comeback and is his possessive, bossy self again. The MC really needs to stand up for herself more, but it’s mostly cute.
  • Dating a Demon: The MC’s parents, who are living abroad, invite the MC and Satoru to visit them in Germany. In Germany the MC and Satoru are shown around by the MC’s cousin, Kaiji. Satoru seems to be okay with their alone time being interrupted but it seems like Kaiji might have a crush on the MC!? Jealousy arises but ultimately Satoru shows how much he loves the MC and it is very sweet, and as a plus there is some sexy time with Satoru at the end.
  • Sequel: Satoru recieves news that his former captain, the man who recommended him for a promotion, is getting a promotion himself. He decides to go in person to celebrate his mentor and bring the MC along. At the same time there has been an abnormal increase in toasting candidates in the fate database. Satoru is mostly his teasing self, although he also has several touching moments. Both he and the MC have kick-ass moments as well (it’s always nice to see the MC being active and doing stuff). A small side note of the story is Satoru going from thinking marriage is a hassle to thinking more seriously about matrimony.

Notable substories:

  • A Devil Halloween Party: It’s almost Halloween and here are rumors going around that the Demon House is haunted. In order to quell some of the rumors the devil sign the house up as a location for the neighborhood stamp collecting event. Participating in the event was Satoru’s idea, but why does the MC feel like he’s up to something. This was a cute story and Satoru is very characteristically himself. The MC wasn’t a complete pushover too which is nice. Plus, cotsumes!
  • Today He’s Kind of… Satoru: From Sweet Cafe. Satoru is suddenly acting… nice? Even though the MC always complained that she wanted him to be nicer, she somehow isn’t satisfied with the change. This is a cute little story, and it definitely establish that the MC is a M for Satoru.

Recommended routes:


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