Plot Summary: The MC is sent to work in the kitchens with Jack, the man who had threatened her with a knife when she initially entered the hotel. Jack is super enthusiastic to be working with the MC and keeps her busy. She soon learns that although his employers think he is, Jack is not a vampire. She feels sure that Jack is on her side and tells him how she needs to drink the dew of the roses within ten days in order to stay human. Jack promises to help her and warns her that on the nights of a full moon, she should stay inside.

What I think of him: Jack is childish, a little silly, and very energetic. He seems to act first without thinking but there is actually going on in his brain and he can be clever if he needs to be. He is usually very cheerful and tends to cling to the MC, especially after their feels become mutual. He is a great chef and the kitchen is very much his domain.

Charm point: The MC is his, okay? And he’ll tell everyone (and everything).

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, because Jack is always hugging the MC

Would have eloped with:

  • Daniel, because his interaction with Jack is wonderful and he always seems to pick up where Jack leaves off
  • Alfred, because he clearly has a thing for the MC, but Jack isn’t having any of that

Favorite moments:

  • I think the way Jack talks is cute
  • How carefully Jack tends to the MC after she was attacked
  • When he finds out that the MC cooked for other guys first
  • All the parts where Jack is deeply worried about the MC

Worst moments:

  • The witch hating seemed artificial
  • The irresponsibility of the MC and Jack in the Toccata Ending
  • Why did Jack have to not remember his early life? It isn’t really explored and is only brought up when convenient

Worth the price of admission?: Yes! I really like Jack’s character and his route is great for the most part

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read anything

Notable substories: Haven’t read anything

Recommended routes:


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