Tsubasa Shirai


Plot Summary: The MC asks for a ten day life extension because she has been put in charge of her first project at work. Kakeru, admiring her work ethic, agrees to let her live and has her move into the Demon House so they can keep an eye on her and protect her from the angels. The project the MC pleaded so hard for is an advertisement campaign that will feature the popular model Tsubasa Shirai. Tsubasa is just as cheerful and kind as he is on screen, but the MC gets the feeling that she is not seeing the real him.

What I think of him: Sweet and pleasant, Tsubasa is known for having an angelic smile. He always puts others before himself and attempts to please those around them. At the same time he doesn’t allow anyone close to him and always hides his true feelings. Tsubasa is actually more boyish that the image he portrays.

Charm point: The MC is one of the few people he can show the real him to

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Just talk, without pretenses

Would have eloped with: None of the other guys really stand out in this route

Favorite moments:

  • The MC forcefully assisting Tsubasa during a photo shoot
  • The MC and Tsubasa getting left behind and get pizza pockets
  • Tsubasa standing up for the MC when she forgets about the change of clothes
  • Sharing warmth in the cabin (so cliche but so cute)
  • Everyone teasing the MC after she and Tsubasa come down the mountain
  • The scene where the MC and Tsubasa talk about her situation (I get teary eyed each time)
  • The MC’s “last words”

Worst moments:

  • We know from the profile that Tsubasa is an angel but it takes the MC so long to find out
  • The angels were jerks
  • How old is Tsubasa supposed to seem? I peg his appearance close to Meguru’s appearance but I keep getting the impression that he’s supposed to seem older
  • I don’t understand when the MC gets close to the Demon House boys. It seems like she’s busy with work most of the time, but after the angels barge in on dinner a couple of days before she is supposed to be toasted, the guys suddenly seem really attached to her

Worth the price of admission?: Yes. Not only do I like Tsubasa’s personality (he’s two-faced in a not scary way), but I really like playing this game from an angel perspective. And if we’re choosing between angels I’d rather not deal with Rein’s accent

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Since Tsubasa’s reappearance he’s super busy and almost on lock-down because of nosy reporters. Tsubasa proposes they go on a trip so they can be together out of sight of prying eyes. The MC is worried about what punishment Tsubasa received for prolonging her life, and whenever she is able to bring it up, Tsubasa changes the subject. On Tsubasa’s part, he keeps saying that he is going to protect the MC and get rid of anything that stands in the way of them being together. However, he doesn’t understand that by not talking about things with the MC he is just making her more worried. The end of this story is great and funny. If you like Tsubasa, you will like the epilogue because he is at his Tsubasa-est.

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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