Shinobu Narita


Plot Summary: When the MC drops some food off for her landlord, Shinobu, a half-naked man comes out form his apartment. The MC starts to wonder if Shinobu is gay when, after getting drunk during a rooftop party, she wakes up naked in Shinobu’s bed. And now he’s demanding that she be his girlfriend.

What I think of him: Shinobu is two-faced. He acts kind and sweet but in private he is very sadistic. He is a shrewd man who has made a fortune on the stock market, even though he works as a building manager. He does a great job as a building manager and dispenses really helpful advice. He clings to the past and is unable to move on from his heartbreak. He is manipulative and tends to ignore conversations when they don’t go his way.

Charm point: He finds the MC cute and can’t help but tease her (all the time)

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Affectionately insult each other

Would have eloped with: 

  • Keiichi, because he’s always supporting the MC and helping her out

Favorite moments:

  • Making dinner for Keiichi and Shinobu
  • When Shinobu give the MC super useful work advice
  • When Shinobu admits how messed up his actions were
  • The MC giving Shinobu advice
  • The entire natural disaster drill scene
  • The MC and Shinobu’s real first date
  • All of Byron’s help and support scenes
  • The Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • Shinobu is super scary at first
  • Did he really need to nearly assault the MC at the end of chapter 6/beginning of chapter 7?

Worth the price of admission?: Shinobu tricked me the first time I played his route. I wanted to play a nice guy and I was shocked when I found out how sadistic Shinobu could be. If you want a sweet guy, go elsewhere. If you go into this route knowing what’s up it’s not too bad, I actually really like the ending.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Shoko asks the MC to go to a mixer with her. The MC reluctantly accepts and must now inform Shinobu. The MC and Shinobu are still settling into their relationship in this story. The MC frets a lot about how Shinobu will react to things, and Shinobu tries to go “easy” on her and restrains herself. If the later half of this route hadn’t been included the MC would’ve been a complete pushover. She still is, but to a far lesser extent than she could have been.

Notable substories: 

  • His POV – Shinobu: Seeing things from his perspective really helped me like Shinobu. Shinobu is always commenting how cute the MC is and frequently mentions that he is doing things to get a reaction out of her. The coverage of the part where he chases after the MC is a little lacking, but at least you can see that he didn’t really plan to entrap the MC in the beginning.

Recommended routes:


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